When Will "It's You" Be Available On Spotify?

by Michelle Lulic

After performing his own heartbreaking live rendition of his new song, "It's You," on The Tonight Show in February 2016, Zayn has officially released "It's You" and lyrics to his second single off of his upcoming debut solo album, Mind Of Mine. The official track for "It's You" was revealed to the public on Thursday, when it premiered on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio Show. Now the song is not only available to be played on the radio, but also available for listening on Apple Music. However, as far as music streaming opportunities go for the new song, there's still one question looming in my mind. When will "It's You" be on Spotify?

Well, luckily One Direction fans (or Zayn fans, if for some reason those are no longer the same thing) can keep their cursor on the refresh button. Because if things are going to go the way that things went for Zayn's first single, "Pillowtalk," then we can expect to be jamming out to "It's You" on the music streaming site as well. Yep, "Pillowtalk" is currently his first single and available for listening on the site. And, before we know it, his entire Mind of Mine album may fall into your playlist as well.

Zayn also revealed to fans via Twitter that a music video for the sultry break-up song is on it's way, which might speed up its Spotify release. In fact, Zayn plans on releasing the official "It's You" music video as early as midnight, Friday, February 26. And, once the single and music video are fully out and available to the public, then the next reasonable step would have to be for the song to appear on Spotify as well. Just like "Pillowtalk" — which had it's music video up on January 28 and went to Spotify the very next day.

However, Zayn's choice to release his music via Spotify really doesn't come as much of a surprise. Taking into consideration the fact that One Direction commonly released their music on the streaming site and the fact that Zayn actually got defensive about the site once before, he definitely seems to be a fan. So for fans of the former One Directioner, keep your eyes peeled on Spotify. It looks like, in the next 24 hours, there's a good chance that you could not only be getting a new music video, but also be adding the chilling tune to your latest playlist. You're welcome.