Who Is Netflix's New Marvel Superhero, Iron Fist?

by Kaitlin Reilly

If you got hooked on Daredevil and binged Jessica Jones so fast that even The Flash couldn't keep up, you're not alone: Netflix's new Marvel series are taking the superhero genre to entirely new levels. The two series, which are a dark, edgier take on the piece of the Marvel universe that is set in New York City's Hell's Kitchen, will be joined by a third show, Luke Cage , when it premieres in 2016. But Luke Cage won't be the only new Netflix series that Marvel fans can look forward to: According to new reports, the fourth superhero series to hit Netflix has just received its star. Entertainment Weekly reports that Game Of Thrones star Finn Jones will play the Iron Fist in his own Netflix series. And, if you're not a comic fan, you may be asking yourself one question: who is the Iron Fist?

Though it's unclear how many liberties the new series will take with the iconic comic book character, the Iron Fist is yet another superhero with a tragic backstory. According to the Marvel Universe, the Iron Fist was born as Daniel Rand, the son of wealthy entrepreneur. After Daniel's father and mother are killed due to his father's jealous business partner, a revenge-seeking Daniel is taught martial arts by master Lei Kung. Daniel, now skilled in the art of kung-fu, develops the power of the "Iron Fist" after successfully defeating the dragon Shou-Lao.

Though it's unclear how Daniel will connect with the superheroes that already exist within this universe, it seems that he will have an established connection with Luke. After Daniel receives his Iron Fist superpowers, Daniel and Luke work together as crimefighters under the organization "Heroes For Hire." However, when a "double" of the Iron Fist was "killed" during one of the organization's missions, Luke was blamed for the murder. Though Luke's name was eventually cleared, this ended his working relationship with Daniel under the organization. However, the pair did work together under the New Avengers and assisted each other in investigations into various crimes.

There's also always a chance that we could see Iron Fist — or at least hear about him — on the Netflix's Luke Cage before we see Daniel's story unfold in his own series. Luke already has a place on Jessica Jones, so it would make sense if Netflix wanted to give the Iron Fist a crossover prior to the start of his titular series. Whenever we see Iron Fist for the first time, though, it's still official: He will be receiving his own series, and will be portrayed by Jones.