Who Was D.J.'s Husband On 'Fuller House'? The Netflix Series Will Address His Tragic Death

Fuller House is hours away from its Netflix debut and fans can hardly stand the anticipation. Just imagining the straight up nostalgia fest that is surely on its way is almost too much to handle. It seems like things are going to be taking a very similar format to Full House and I definitely prefer it that way. On Fuller House, D.J. will be taking on the Danny Tanner-ish role, complete with a late spouse and kids to care for. Did anyone else fail to see how sad the premise for the original was as a kid? Anyway, who is D.J.'s late husband?

Well, not much is known about the mystery character. Thanks to TV Line, we do know that his name is Tommy Fuller (Fuller House...ha!), and he is sadly among the deceased. USA Today reported that he was a firefighter who died doing what he loved: Saving people. It looks like D.J.'s son Tommy Jr. has the elder Tommy's namesake, which is adorable and slightly sad. It will be interesting to see how the show handles the death of Tommy Sr., if it handle it at all. It may go the simple route of not completely addressing it but mentioning it as a side note instead of a focal point of an episode. Either way, it will bring back the feeling of the original with Mama Tanner passing away prior to the series. It's worth noting that, according to Zap2it, Netflix chose to make things WAY LESS sad by changing the story from having D.J. be a pregnant widow to D.J. being a widow with three already-born kids.

Originally, when the concept of the reboot was announced, fans were worriedly searching to find out whether the late husband was actually Steve. You remember Steve. He was played by the crashworthy Scott Weinger and was only the most perfect '90s television boyfriend in the galaxy. When he and DJ ended the series together, the entire planet swooned in complete bliss because everything made sense in the world again. Luckily, fans were comforted when Candace Cameron Bure told Access Hollywood that she was not widowed by our beloved Steve. Phew!

What will this whole thing mean for a potential Steve and DJ reunion? Well, it could mean a lot. According to E! News, Scott has signed on to reprise his role as adorable Steve for Fuller House. You know what this means. There I real potential for our favorite '90s couple to be reincarnated right before our eyes. Too. Much. To. Handle.

As if the idea of Steve returning wasn't enough, Weinger decided to announce his return in true Steve fashion with a proclamation of love for D.J. via Instagram. Are you swooning yet?

Basically, it all going to come down to what is happening with Steve's character. Will he be single? Will he be married? If he's married, then our dreams of Steejay (I made that celebrity couple name up on the fly) would be dashed. If he's single, divorced, or similarly widowed then we could be in business. Let's cross our fingers and toes for a single Steve. Bring back the greatest romance single Romeo and Juliet, Netflix! I know I'll be watching to find out their fate.

Images: Michael Yarish/Netflix (2)