Baby Jonas Has Started a New, Sad Trend

In the midst of the Super Bowl madness, Danielle and Kevin Jonas had a baby girl, Alena Rose, whom they welcomed into their family on Sunday. And along with the birth, a new trend was also born... on Instagram. While most celebrities save their first baby photos for the highest tabloid bidder, the new parents unveiled their first baby photo on Instagram and Twitter — only it wasn't on their own accounts.

Unlike celebrity parents Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan or Beyonce and Jay Z who revealed the faces of their newborns on their own social media accounts, the Jonases handed over the reigns to baby laundry detergent brand Dreft, and we're assuming they got paid to do so.

This is how it all went down. Kevin posted updates on the birth to his Instagram and Twitter accounts, including photos of Danielle prepping baby clothes using Dreft detergent. Dreft also hyped the birth by posting several photos about "waiting for the little star" and publicizing the #BabyJonas hashtag. It was some of the cleverest, if not saddest, marketing we've ever seen used on social media.

When the final moments came, Kevin urged followers to visit Dreft's Instagram and Twitter accounts for baby's first photo and name, and there, fans found a snapshot of Danielle holding tiny baby Alena, sponsored by Dreft's handy dandy pink ribbon. The caption? "On this day, a little star was born. Meet Alena Rose Jonas. #BabyJonas"

While we've seen celebrities develop new strategies for unveiling their baby photos to get more bang for their buck, sponsored Instagram photos take the cake in terms of selling out. Baby Alena will grow up knowing she shared her birthday next to a detergent — yay?

Unfortunately, the Jonases seem to be hurting for cash after the boy band broke up and their reality show Married to Jonas wasn't renewed for a third season. They made their New Jersey mansion available for rent during Super Bowl weekend, and now they've sold their first baby pictures to Dreft.

But hey, at least the Jonases are starting one new trend with their Instagram baby-pic-sponsorship, even if it's a D-list one.

Image: Dreft/Twitter