Miles Teller & 9 Other 'Spectacular Now' Stars Whose Careers Have Never Been Better

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It's always nice when a good actor gets his/her due, and Miles Teller is no exception. Lately, The Awkward Moment star's career has never been better, with the actor getting cast in must-see movies practically every week. On Sunday, the latest career milestone came with the announcement that Teller would star in Bleed for This , a boxing biopic produced by Martin Scorsese.

For fans who've known Teller's talent for years, it's rewarding to see such a skilled actor finally get major notice. It does, however, prompt a question — why now?

The answer is The Spectacular Now, last summer's lovely little movie about a romance between high school seniors played by Teller and Shailene Woodley. The James Ponsoldt-directed film garnered huge acclaim upon its release, with critics raving that it was the best "teen" movie in years. All those who saw it know that it deserves the praise; smart, poignant, and perfectly acted, The Spectacular Now was a breath of fresh air in a summer when most movies had "2" or "3" at the end of their titles.

So while it certainly wasn't a surprise when the film picked up piles of awards and landed on a number of year-end "best-of" lists, even the movie's biggest fans couldn't have predicted one lasting effect of The Spectacular Now — the thriving careers of its cast.

Nearly every member of the movie's ensemble has had incredible job opportunities since the film's release, taking on roles that would've seemed impossible just one short year ago. From Miles Teller to Brie Larson, here's proof that The Spectacular Now cast's careers have never been better.

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