Did Wes Kill His Mom On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? Annalise Could Have Doctored Her Suicide

Another week, another weird-ass drama on How To Get Away With Murder. Since the inception of this show, I always wondered how Annalise picked this ragtag group of misfits that she pays to work for her (actually… does she pay them? Are they indentured servants?). Anyway, How To Get Away With Murder just gave some serious website on Wes Gibbons, aka the wounded lamb of the group. Or is he? We thought that Wes’ mother, Rose, committed suicide because of a trial she was involved him, but did Wes really kill his mother on How To Get Away With Murder?

Rose was the cleaning lady for a hedge fund manager and his family, and when the son was looking responsible for murder, Rose gave him an alibi… except she didn’t really see the son that night. Suspicious. She “killed herself” soon after. Wes, who was told of his mother’s suicide, thought it was a conspiracy and that she was actually murdered, but when he and Laurel visited Cleveland (where the hedge fund trial took place), police records indicated that Wes had actually sliced his mother’s throat wide open. Oh, it’s like, that, huh, Wes? Or should I say Christophe? This newfound murder actually makes much more sense to today’s world on the show than a conspiracy plot would, and here’s why.

Wes (and us viewers, months ago) figured out that Rose and Annalise had a relationship — she was hedge fundie’s lawyer (I know he has a name, but I literally don’t care about this part of the plot). Wes was wondering how he got into law school… how he got picked for Annalise’s service… and bam. Suddenly, he realized that Annalise felt bad about his crappy life and had been protecting him all of this time. But I think that protection goes on another level — I think Christophe (aka Wes) stabbed his mother to death, but Annalise, feeling guilty about all of it on the eve of her own birth, arranged it so that Christophe got off free and all records showed Rose had taken her own life. Christophe could walk away, and Annalise could feel better.

I’m sure we’ll see the many repercussions of this in coming weeks — I just hope they don’t add any more filming-in-the-woods serial killers to the list.

Images: Mitch Haaseth/ABC; Giphy