Fans Will Love These 'Full House' References

If you were hoping that Netflix's latest revival series Fuller House would fill you with '90s nostalgia beyond your wildest dreams, then consider that wish fully granted. This series isn't looking to win any major awards or break new ground in the sitcom industry. It was created for one very specific purpose: the fans. This revival is a love letter to all of their dedicated viewers out there who want to soak up as much '90s nostalgia as they can. In fact, everywhere you look, there are a ton of Full House references and easter eggs hidden within Fuller House that audiences everywhere are bound to enjoy. It's almost as if the show itself is subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) winking to those who grew up knowing and loving these characters, like an exclusive inside joke that only a few select people will understand.

And that's completely OK. I went into this series knowing full well what its main goal was and I embraced it, corny jokes and all. It was just a pleasure to see these familiar faces back on my screen, in all honesty, and the various Full House Easter eggs just made the process all the more enjoyable. From iconic catchphrases to cheesy bonding moments, here's a round up of all the references diehard Full House fans are sure to recognize.

1. The Elvis Onesie

Just leave it to Uncle Jesse to try and pass on his Elvis Presley obsession to another generation. It only took him about two seconds into the show to dress D.J.'s adorable baby, Tommy, in a little Elvis onesie. Thank you, Jesse. Thank you very much.

2. Joey's Bullwinkle Impression

Accompanied by Bugs Bunny pjs because really would we accept anything less from this cartoon-loving goofball?

3. The Mention Of Jesse's Hair

It only took five minutes for Jesse to brag about his amazingly luscious locks, but quite honestly, he's earned the right at this point. That hair still looks amazing.

4. The Return Of The Catchphrases

"How rude!" "Have mercy!" "Oh mylanta!" "Cut. It. Out." All of these characters' favorite sayings returned in full force as we knew they would. It's even helped to inspire a new catchphrase courtesy of D.J.'s middle child, Max, who you'll catch saying "holy chalupas!" on more than one occasion. And so the tradition continues...

5. A Visit From Mr. Woodchuck

"Wood" it be possible to have a revival season without Joey's No. 1 confidante? I think not! It's a reunion we've been "pining" for since Day 1. (OK, I'll stop.)

6. Steve's Appetite

As part of the gang's Going Away Party in the premiere, Steve showed up to say hello and pretty much eat everything in sight. Because some things never change. Nor would we want them to.

7. The "Forever" Performance

Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's wedding song never failed to make us swoon in the show's original heyday and that proved to be just as true when Jesse started singing to his wife once more in the premiere. Their love really will last forever. (No, I'm not crying. YOU'RE CRYING!)

8. A Mildew Sighting

If you recall, Danny once auditioned to be a member of Jesse's band back in the day and started referring to himself as his rocker alter-ego, Mildew. Well, we saw a bit of that bad boy come back into play on the show when Danny started belting out the lyrics to "Wild Thing." You've still got it, Mr. T!

9. An Accidental Sleepover

Remember back when D.J. and Steve accidentally fell asleep while watching a movie at his place and got into a lot of trouble because of it? Well, in a way, Kimmy and Fernando replicated that scenario when they innocently "feel asleep while watching a movie" up in the attic. This is why it's so important to snack while watching, people!

10. Comet's Descendants

No one comes right out and says that Comet has died, but given the amount of time that's gone by, I think we can assume our favorite golden retriever is long gone. However, that doesn't mean that Comet didn't still make an appearance, in a way. We're immediately introduced to Comet Jr. Jr., who then gives birth to even more Comet descendants right in the Tanner backyard. In fact, one of the puppies even goes on to live at the house with them. So, in a way, a part of Comet will always be with them.

11. The Iconic Family Meetings

Whenever there was a problem, Danny would gather everyone up into the living room and have a proper family chat. And apparently, it's a tradition that D.J. plans on keeping since she too could be seen summoning her household members for a very similar group sit-down. But I guess it's like they always say: like father, like daughter.

12. The Flintstones Theme Song

As an adorable nod to the Full House pilot, the main characters all stood around Tommy's play pen and sang the Flintstones theme song to help stop him from crying — much like they did back when Michelle was a baby. It's almost an exact replica of the original scene and even includes having Stephanie yell “Wilma!” at the end.

13. The Love Triangle Dilemma

Many fans probably found D.J.'s struggle to choose between Steve and Matt very reminiscent to the Full House episode "D.J.'s Choice," where she faced a similar predicament choosing between Nelson and Viper, both of whom wanted to be her boyfriend. Man, what a hard knock life this girl has, am I right?

14. The Phone Call To NYC

Fueled by nostalgia and one or two (or 10) alcoholic beverages, D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy called Michelle at 5 a.m. as part of Kimmy's bachelorette party and left her a voicemail of all her most famous quotes, which ranged from "You're in big trouble, mister!" and "No way Jose!" to "Aw, nuts!" and, of course, "You got it, dude!" Best voicemail ever? I think so!

Images: Netflix; Giphy (12); screen grab/YouTube; fullhouse-gifs/Tumblr