Who Is Hunter Pence? Stephanie's 'Fuller House' Boyfriend Is A Real Baseball Player

Man, that Jodie Sweetin is a lucky lady because on Fuller House , Stephanie Tanner dated San Francisco Giants player Hunter Pence, who happens to be a very real person. Hunter Pence is an actual baseball star and his cameo on Fuller House was pretty cool. [Episode 10 spoilers ahead] The show went all out for the 10th installment, even filming at an actual Giants game for the episode featuring Stephanie's ill-fated relationship, according to Mashable. For the record, it's totally lame that the crowd made her dump her BF. But, as a sports fan (of basketball), I have to say jinxes are to be taken seriously, so I'm sure the fictional Giants fans were glad she took one for the team (literally.)

When Pence isn't busy dating my favorite Tanner sister, he's busy on the field. According to ESPN, he started his baseball career on the Houston Astros in 2007 before moving to the Philadelphia Phillies in 2011. From there he eventually landed with the San Francisco Giants (not to be confused with New York's Giants football team), where he's played since 2012. I could give you some stats of his, but I don't understand how baseball works even a little bit, so I'll just leave his stats page here for you in case you wanna check it out, IDK. It doesn't seem like his Fuller House batting jinx was true to life though, since ESPN reported he has a career batting average of .284, which USA Today claimed is pretty excellent for modern day baseball.

But, you don't have to love or even understand baseball to date a player, and it totally makes sense that Stephanie landed herself a high-profile BF. She does work in the entertainment business as a DJ and singer after all, so Pence was likely attracted to her star power. Unfortunately, Stephanie's time to shine when she sang during the game was ruined by the Giants fans who insisted that Stephanie was responsible for Pence's (fictional) low batting average. So, she dumped him on live TV. Gotta love a girl who sacrifices her love life for a sporting event?

After she dumped him, Pence hit a home run, so I guess by being with him she was jinxing him after all? All I know is that Pence may have gotten his mojo back, but he's definitely worse off for not having Stephanie anymore. She is where it's at.

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