The 'Fuller House' Donald Trump Joke Brings The Series Into The Present

You know it's a new day and age for Full House, when the Netflix revival series Fuller House takes a jab at Donald Trump. Apparently, the 2016 presidential candidate can't escape judgment even on a family show. Turns out even the Tanner-Fuller clan can't stand the politician who continues to face criticism. The sitcom has definitely modernized itself, especially when it comes to the new jokes and the show's attempt to also tie in politics.

In the first Fuller House episode, titled "Our Very First Show, Again," Stephanie hands D.J.'s two oldest sons, Jackson and Max, "the hottest dance hits from the clubs of London," because who doesn't want to listen to that? Being the good mom that she is, D.J. warns Stephanie that there better not be any "inappropriate references to sex, drugs or violence" on the songs. Steph takes back her gifts immediately.

But, D.J.'s middle son, Max, isn't worried, because he assures his mom that he is no stranger to improper words. He says, "Relax, mom, I already know all the bad words. Darn, booger, and Donald Trump." Bam! Take that, former host of Celebrity Apprentice. Clearly, Max is no stranger to the controversy surrounding Trump and knows better to utter his name.

If this were the original Full House, I'm pretty sure the series, which first debuted in 1987, would have avoided all Trump jokes and any mention of politics. The original sitcom seemingly always tried to be politically correct and rarely went out of its comfort zone, especially when it came to possibly alienating or offending others.

Well, that surely isn't the case with Fuller House. It isn't holding back and doesn't seem to be afraid of pushing the boundaries. It sure is refreshing to see a somewhat newer and more modern version of the show that I couldn't get enough back in the day. Now we just have to wait and see if Trump replies to the dig.

Image: incomparablyme (2)/Tumblr