Bachelorette Andi Dorfman's New Book, 'It's Not Okay,' Has A Perfect Cover

After her relationship ended in the spotlight, one Bachelorette decided to turn heartbreak into an "anti-self-help book." In Andi Dorfman's new book, It's Not Okay , the former Bachelorette and Bachelor contestant explores the depths of her reality TV experience and its aftermath, looking for answers to the big question we all ask ourselves: Where did it all go wrong? And now, finally it has a pitch perfect cover to go along with it.

Dorfman became a fan favorite on the 18th season of ABC's The Bachelor , after she told off the show's self-centered star, Juan Pablo Galavis. A few months after her stint on The Bachelor ended, Dorfman starred in the 10th season of The Bachelorette, in which she picked Josh Murray to be her husband.

Murray proposed, but in order to keep the show's finale a secret, he and Dorfman were forced to hide their relationship for months after filming wrapped. A few months after the season finale aired, the couple called it quits.

Bachelor and Bachelorette breakups go public quickly. They make great fodder for the tabloids, because, come on, what reality show doesn't make great tabloid material? (*Cough* Andi and Chris Harrison *cough*)

If the 10th Bachelorette can survive having her split from Murray dissected by media outlets everywhere, I'm pretty sure there's hope for the rest of us. And now she can show off the results of all of this experience, on the cover of her new book, named after why we love her in the first place: Because she told Juan Pablo that it's NOT OK.

Dorfman says:

It’s Not Okay was conceived from the personal diary that I kept while dealing with a very public breakup. I wanted to candidly share my struggles after I realized that though everyone experiences heartbreak, they rarely talk about it. With this book, people will be able to see what heartbreak truly looks like; for better or worse and more importantly that through the tears, anger and even hopelessness, comes strength and new beginnings.

It's Not Okay hits bookstores near you in May.