Kylie Jenner Promises Fans A New Dark Lippie

by Augusta Statz

People just can’t get enough of these lip products, and even though she’s been churning out new ones pretty frequently — everyone still wants more. Kylie Jenner announced she has another dark shade in store for us via Twitter after a fan asked her if there’d be another shade similar to True Brown K. I guess it’s sort of like an “if you give a mouse a cookie” kind of situation because apparently, if you give the world an incredible lippie, they’re going to want one in every single color imaginable. And Jenner’s prepared to deliver.

None of the other shades that have been released so far come close to being as dark as the trendy brown lippie she’s created, so it would be nice to see another deeply pigmented shade in the mix. Jenner’s making a good call by having another one up her sleeve, but what’s with all of the secrecy? Just give it to us. Now. Seriously, she’s created matte lipstick-crazed monsters, and impatient ones, at that. Because who likes to wait?

But, you can’t blame us for being obsessed with these long-lasting matte lipsticks. And while I have no clue what shade Jenner has planned next, I have a few guesses based on some of her own personal lip looks. I could see any of these colors coming next. Adding in a black or purple shade would be a bold move, and that seems like such a Jenner thing to do.

Here's to hoping she doesn't hold out on us too long!

Here's the lippie that's currently the darkest of the bunch. But, it's going to have another one joining it (hopefully) soon. Let's take a stab at what that next color might be, shall we?

1. Burgundy

I definitely wouldn't mind seeing a deep red hue be the next Kylie Lip Kit.

2. Dark Plum

There's no going wrong with a plum shade for an ultra glam look.

3. Jet Black

A black lip is so daring, but I wouldn't put anything past Jenner.

4. Blue

Leave it to her to completely surprise us and add a blue shade.

5. Taupe

She could stick with a similar color palette and do a mix of True Brown K and Dolce K, since they're so popular.

6. Purple

She may not have worn purple on her lips before, but she's certainly worn it on her nails. I wouldn't be shocked if a lippie this color dropped soon.

7. Vampy

A dark red would help you get the perfect Vampy lip.

8. Raisin

A brown red color could be mixed with True Brown K to give you the ultimate dramatic lip. Seems like Jenner would be into that, don't you think?

9. Teal

She's rocked so many different color hairstyles, why wouldn't she incorporate that into her lippies, too, you know?

I, for one, can't wait to see what she has in store, but whatever shade it is — I surely won't be disappointed.

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