Will The Orange Lip Kit Be In The Next Restock?

by Augusta Statz

The last time these hugely popular products were restocked, there were three new shades in the lineup, and this time around, one orange hue has been added to the mix. But, will the orange Kylie Lip Kit be released with the next restock? While the shade doesn’t even have a name (that we know of) just yet, I have a feeling it will be included when the lippies go on sale again, which according to Kylie Jenner herself, is happening very soon.

Announcing a new color right around a restock date and not including the fun lippie when the products launch just seems cruel, don’t you think? I can’t see Jenner doing that to her fans because she loves her fandom, a.k.a. Kylie’s Kings, and her lipsticks way too much.

When the company first announced that the lip kits would be restocked more frequently, they said the prouducts would come out every week or every other week, but so far it's been a bit inconsistent. But, with promises to be back before March, I’m hopeful that we’ll see that bright orange lipstick make its debut alongside the others, just in time for spring. Why else would they have taken this long to go on sale again if it weren't to include the new product, you know? My fingers are crossed and my pout is more than ready for the newest Kylie Lip Kit shade.

Looks like production is moving full speed ahead!

Let's hope to see this bold number come launch day.

Because it really is just a gorgeous color, isn't it?

Don't mind me. I'll just be here anxiously waiting for the next batch to arrive.

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