What Gelly Roll Is Perfect For Your Zodiac Sign?

I'm a '90s girl and, like any good '90s girl would, I have a healthy appreciation for Gelly Roll pens. There simply isn't another writing utensil that gives me the same rush of nostalgia and super smooth flow my trusted Gelly Rolls offer — which is precisely why I set out to determine the perfect Gelly Roll pen based on your zodiac sign. Because while I firmly believe you can never have too many of these superior scrawlers, I suspected certain colors and finishes may align with particular personalities more than others. And since I'm clearly such a grounded person, I turned to astrology for the answers.

If you are person who is skeptical of star science, you may be scoffing at this notion. However, we're talking about Gelly Roll pens here, so why not keep things light? Besides, if you are someone like me who concedes there is merit to be found in the idea that being born under a certain star can affect your tastes and choices, this entire experiment will be yet another fun foray into what makes your sign different from the rest.

So let's get to it shall we? You've got people to see and Gelly Roll pens to use, so find your sign below to discover your Gelly Roll pen soul mate.

1. Capricorn

An Earth sign, Capricorns are the epitome of calm, cool, and collectedness. They're also hardworking and unlikely to let you down. By that count, its seems safe to say Capricorns' ideal match might just be the waterproof, fade resistant, chemical proof, smooth flowin' Classic Gelly Roll. In green, naturally, since it is Capricorn's signature color.

2. Aquarius

What a quirky group Aquarians are! Considered the most eccentric of the zodiac bunch, Aquarius is unpredictable and eccentric — and undeniably exciting. Aquarians are also brimming with new ideas. By that measure, this sign needn't look any farther than the innovative and totally unique Glaze 3-D Glossy Ink Gelly Roll. Any hue will do, as we know Aquarians are a colorful bunch.

3. Pisces

Dubbed "the Fishes with wishes," Pisces are dreamers. This sensitive water sign is highly creative in nature and often deeply spiritual, too. They are intuitive and drawn to all things mystical. So, c'mon, it's gotta be a Moonlight Gelly Roll in blue — a brilliant color that seems "to ignite the darkness, radiate emotion, and reflect the good times in life." I'll buy that.

4. Aries

People born into Aries are bold and fearless, never afraid to blaze onto the scene — this dynamic sign is impossible to ignore, thanks to its fiery nature. Clearly, this calls for the color red, right? And while we're at it, let's make it a sparkly Stardust Gelly Roll. Aries peeps are direct and powerful, which is dazzling just like this cosmic pen's ink.

5. Taurus

I'm technically an Aries-Taurus cusper — "The Cusp of Power," hollllllaa — but I definitely identify with the sensual, pleasure-loving side of Taurus. Life should be a little lavish, and Taureans definitely have an eye for the finer things. So I henceforth decree the Gelly Roll pen of choice for Taurus babies shall be the decadent Metallic Gold. And since Taurus is an Earth sign and gold is, in fact, an element, it's especially relevant.

6. Gemini

Geminis are inherently multi-faceted (hello, Twins!) and love to explore everything life has to offer. Plus, I think we can all agree Geminis have certain air of mystery about them. So what other match could there be than the dual color Silver Shadow Gelly Roll, which creates a brilliant colored border as you write in dazzling silver ink? It screams intrigue! For good measure, we'll go with the variety offering an orange border — it's the closest match to Gemini's lucky color: yellow.

7. Cancer

Much like the Crab that symbolizes this sign, Cancer can be tough on the outside but a softie on the inside. Despite any affectations, this extremely loyal sign is super sensitive. Why? Because it's ruled by the emotional Moon. Of course, this makes it a shoo-in for a Moonlight Gelly Roll! Green is a sure thing, given that it's the sign's lucky color, but Vermillion — a brilliant red not unlike the Crab's shell — could work too.

8. Leo

Who doesn't love a Leo? This sign is the life of the party, thanks to their intrinsic warmth, charm, and joyful spirit. Not to mention, Leos are never ones to shy away from a little attention. This spotlight-loving sign aligns perfectly with the Gelly Roll Gold Shadow pen in pink, which writes in an attention-grabbing gold metallic outlined with vibrant pink ink.

9. Virgo

This smart and practical Earth sign is what you might call a perfectionist. OK, they totally are — their attention to detail is unparalleled. You can always depend on a Virgo to get it right. Thus, they're Classic Gelly Roll pens all the way. I'd even go so far as to venture that Virgos are straight-up as OG as it gets: the Classy Gelly Roll in black.

10. Libra

In a word, Libras are lovely. The sign of partnership, Libras are full of grace and forever fair and balanced. Some say they are arguably the most popular among all the zodiac signs. In that respect, they're a lot like Silver Shadow Gelly Roll in blue — a beautiful, measured mix of two timeless colors (silver metallic and blue).

11. Scorpio

Watch out, world! Scorpios are intense. Ruled by Pluto, the lord of the underworld, and symbolized by the Scorpion, this sign is an intoxicating blend of deep, brooding, and magnetic. They're best suited for the mesmerizing Metallic Gelly Roll, and we'll make it in purple — the Scorpio's lucky color — 'cause let's be real: Scorpios get what Scorpios want.

12. Sagittarius

This spirited sign is full of bravado and life... a true lover of travel, philosophy, and people. When Sagittarius aims its arrow, it aims high! Like, for instance, the stars. Yep, you guessed it — Sagittarius is most definitely a Stardust Gelly Roll pen, and "marine blue" sounds right up this adventurous sign's alley.

Images: Sakura of America Shptron (13)