The Perfect '90s Mag Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Megan Grant

I'm a Gemini, and I have to admit that there are many aspects of my life and personality that reflect this — from my clothing to my taste in music to my reading picks. In fact, as a kid, I even selected the perfect '90s magazine for my zodiac sign: Sassy. I've always looked to be entertained and informed, never doing well with boredom and monotony. True to my sign, I'm curious and adaptable, wondering what new experience I can immerse myself in next. And yes, I have dual personalities, both of which are fabulous, thank you very much.

I'm not one of the people who thinks the zodiac rules all; but I do like to believe that it has some involvement. The 12 signs all have their own dominating qualities, specifying their personality traits, likes, dislikes, habits, strengths, and faults. Sure, it depends on where exactly your birthday falls, and if you want to get even more specific, the exact time you were born. And people who fall on the cusp are said to have qualities of both signs.

How does your zodiac shine through? Are you true to your sign? Here are my predictions for the best '90s magazines based on when you were born.

1. Capricorn: Zillions

Cap's disciplined, practical, prudent side would've loved this mag, with its financial advice geared toward children. It was launched by Consumer Reports and was one of few magazines that likely didn't have Britney Spears or JTT on the cover.

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2. Aries: Disney Adventures

Aries' adventurous, energetic side would've traded her favorite pair of jelly shoes for the latest issue of Disney Adventures, with all of its comics and behind-the-scenes goodies.

3. Sagittarius: Nickelodeon Magazine

You're good-humored and full of cheer, sagittarius. No wonder you loved Nick Magazine, with its pranks, comics, and green slime cake recipes.

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4. Taurus: Highlights

Taurus, your determined, persistent, patient side will certainly come in handy when you need to locate the 12 hidden squirrels and can only find 11.

5. Virgo: Nintendo Power

Virgo, you're shy in nature, and video games have always been your friend. Nintendo Power was ideal for strategic tips, reviews, and sneak previews of what was to come.

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6. Aquarius: Ranger Rick

Aquarius' intellectual side made Ranger Rick the perfect choice, as they got to brush up on anything and everything animal kingdom-related.

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7. Cancer: American Girl

Cancers are known for being imaginative, loving, and full of emotion. American Girl, with its short stories, arts and crafts, and adventures, was the perfect read.

8. Libra: Seventeen

Seventeen was basically a precursor to Cosmo , which satisfied Libra's sociable, romantic side beautifully.

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9. Scorpio: Tiger Beat

Scorpio's powerful, passionate side totally dug the overwhelming, celebrity-packed pages of Tiger Beat .

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10. Gemini: Sassy

This mag gave girls a second option to the more traditional, mainstream publication, making it the top choice for the two very different sides of Gemini.

11. Pisces: YM

Pisces have a rep for being escapists, loving to ditch reality for fantasy. YM was the answer, as every cover seemed to promise an up-close look into the life of some hotshot '90s celeb.

12. Leo: Girls' Life

Leo is broad-minded and expansive, and Girls' Life offered a healthy mix of celebrity news, literary tidbits, and real-life advice. Solid combination!

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Images: Pixabay