'Fuller House' Makes D.J. 'The Bachelorette'

On Friday, Feb. 26, Netflix combined two of my favorite things, Full House and reality TV dating shows. The streaming spinoff of the '90s sitcom, Fuller House , had a whole Bachelorette joke during the final episode and it was hilarious. Series spoilers ahead: When D.J. has two suitors in Matt and Steve, Stephanie and Kimmy excitedly tell D.J. she's basically the Bachelorette. D.J. isn't super thrilled about the title because she's the one who has to choose, but Kimmy and Stephanie love every minute of the drama, and even stage a rose ceremony during the finale.

D.J. tells each man why she likes him knowing full well she's about to break someone's heart (it's a cold process, that Bachelorette process). Then, Stephanie, channeling her best Chris Harrison, informs the men that D.J. is going to hand out the final rose. The twist to this Bachelorette ending, though, is that no one gets the rose.

Don't worry, it's not like D.J. pulled a Brad Womack and decided she didn't want to date either man (although she did do that back on Full House with Viper and Nelson). No, D.J. decides to give the rose to herself. She tells the men she's only just started dating since her husband's death and doesn't appreciate how quickly things got complicated. She decides to spend a little more time being single before jumping into a serious relationship.

The men, who became friends through the process (much like on the real Bachelor franchise where BFFs often last longer than BFs ), lament that they didn't expect that ending and each thought the other was going to win. They left the ceremony vowing to each wait for when D.J. was ready.

As a Bachelorette fan, I can tell you that kind of an ending has only happened once, and not since Jen Schefft's season back in 2005. So, it was nice to see D.J. channel her inner feminist (seriously this show is full of girl power) and reject the men until she's more in touch with her single self.

Images: Netflix (3)