Who Is Darren On 'Fuller House'? Steve Talley Has Been Racking Up TV Roles

Thank God it's Friday, indeed! Fuller House premiered on Netflix on Feb. 26, so the doors to the Tanner house are officially open again. Many favorite characters we grew up with are back, and interacting with new faces in San Francisco. One new face that has gathered a lot of interest is that of Darren, the coffee shop patron who catches Stephanie's eye, as well as the eyes of many a viewer. While he's only onscreen for a few moments, Darren leaves a big impression — but it's likely not the first time you've seen his face (or impressive arms) on your television. Who plays Darren on Fuller House, and where can we see more of him?

Darren's well-jawlined face may seem familiar because it belongs to actor Steve Talley, who has appeared on a variety of television shows other than Fuller House. While Talley makes a brief appearance in the series' first season, who's to say that he many not re-emerge in the future and encourage Stephanie to pretend to be the mother to other children? While it's unclear when, if ever, Fuller House will return for a second season, Talley shouldn't be worried, because it seems that he has no trouble getting roles on television. Here's where else to look to get your Darren fix while waiting for another visit to the Tanners' home.

The 100

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In The CW's post-apocalyptic series The 100, Talley plays Kyle Wick. Kyle is an engineer and one of 100 juvenile subjects of a program to determine whether or not Earth is still habitable. Talley gets a lot more to do in this role than he does in Fuller House, which is good news for any fans of nice jawlines amidst a barren landscape.

Pretty Little Liars

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Talley played Zack in Pretty Little Liars, who at first seemed like a promising fiancé for Ella... until he hit on her daughter's teenaged best friend. While his appearances are few and far between, they're quite memorable and ended with a bang (well, a punch).

I Just Want My Pants Back

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This MTV sitcom isn't remembered for much more than having one of the weirdest show titles in recent memory, but it also happened to feature Talley in the recurring role as Brett, one of many characters in the series who are just trying to make the best of their twenties while making it in New York City.


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Steve Talley played Kevin in this short-lived series about a present-day woman getting ready for her second wedding who suddenly finds herself sent back to 1995, before she got married for the first time. While this show only lasted one season, it has enough '90s nostalgia that any fans of Full House should give it a try.

Talley's career may not be very glamorous, but there's no reason that he can't work his way into being a bigger presence on Fuller House should it come back for a second season.

Image: Netflix