Stefan Helped Klaus Try To Stop The Strix From Breaking The Sire Bond On 'The Originals,' But He Wasn't The Only Face From Klaus' Past To Come To Town

The Vampire Diaries / Originals crossover event continued in "A Streetcar Named Desire," with none other than Stefan Salvatore joining in the fight against the Strix in New Orleans. After Klaus got Stefan away from the huntress, Reyna, going after him in The Vampire Diaries, Freya was able to cloak Stefan's huntress-induced wound that allowed Reyna to track him. Unsure of his next move, Stefan helped Klaus try to stop the Strix from breaking the sire bond on The Originals .

Early in the episode, Klaus and Elijah were taken by Aya and the Strix, who were finally ready to perform Davina's spell to break the sire bond. At first, Marcel was all for Davina performing the spell and breaking the sire bond. After all, there was a time he would have done anything to be free of Klaus' hold over him. However, after Lucien tells him that Aya plans on shooting Klaus with the white oak bullets the moment the spell is complete to test its success. If it succeeds, then she'll turn the gun on Elijah. If it doesn't — well, then Klaus and his entire sire line will be dead, and the Strix will have less rivals in the world.

With the knowledge that their lives might be on the line should the spell take place, Marcel and Stefan, both from Klaus' sire line, decided to stage a rescue mission. Marcel was able to sneak Stefan and Hayley into the Strix compound, where Stefan undid the magic hiding him from the huntress, bringing the huntress to the compound to kill some of them for him. While they took care of the Strix, Freya used her magic to try to free Klaus and Elijah from their mental prison. Unfortunately, the attack didn't succeed soon enough. Though Freya was able to free Elijah in time for him to jump out of the pool and kill a few witches, when Klaus was freed, Davina focused all of her power to complete the spell, breaking his sire line.

Not only did Davina succeed in breaking the sire bond, she also got to collect what she needed to bring Kol back to life. Unbeknownst to anyone, Davina collected some of the "blood of the brothers" (aka Klaus and Elijah's blood), and was able to take some of Klaus' mystical vampire powers to boost her magic and bring Kol back from the dead!

The episode ended with an inexplicably naked Kol Mikaelson appearing in Davina's attic home. Klaus may have just said goodbye to Stefan Salvatore, but there's another face from his past he's going to have to face.

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; tv-vddict/tumblr; scottmccall/tumblr