Yoko Ono Rushed To Hospital, But Thankfully Her Prognosis Is Good

Sometimes it feels like we expect our celebrity legends to be almost superhuman, to always be a paragon of health and wellness who will live forever as if immortal. Obviously that's not the case, and even the likes of Yoko Ono isn't immune to illness. Still, it was a shock — and a rather scary one, at that — to hear that Yoko Ono was rushed to hospital on Friday night. Thankfully, while she was extremely unwell upon admission, her prognosis is good and she should be released by Saturday.

The 83-year-old was initially reported to have suffered a stroke, Ono's publicist Elliott Mintz has since released a statement setting the record straight on the star's condition and revealing that she had been suffering from "extreme flu-like symptoms" as a result of dehydration — a clarification that her son Sean Lennon later echoed via Twitter.

"It was never ever a stroke," Mintz said in a statement to People on Friday night. "She was suffering extreme flu-like symptoms. Her doctor thought it would be a good idea to go to a local hospital to be checked out. She went to hospital. She is being checked out. The information that she has been given is that in all likelihood she will be out tomorrow."

Ono is currently receiving treatment at Mount Sinai Roosevelt hospital in New York City — the same hospital where her late husband John Lennon tragically died after being shot outside of his apartment building in 1980. The hospital is notorious for providing the highest level of care, so Ono is definitely in good hands and should be back on her feet in no time.

Incredibly, Ono hasn't suffered from any serious health issues in her 83 years up until now (at least not any known by the public), and just last week she was in Austin to receive the NME Inspiration Award. Nothing is going to slow her down, not even this small setback. Here's to a speedy recovery!