Yoko Ono’s Tribute To Cynthia Lennon Is Touching In Light Of Their Former Feud

There was a time when John Lennon's wife walked in on him cheating on her with Yoko Ono. But now, with the past behind them, Yoko Ono is paying tribute to John's first wife, Cynthia Lennon, after her death. John's son, Julian Lennon, alerted fans to the sad news on Wednesday with a moving video tribute to his mother. But Julian wasn't the only Lennon family member to honor Cynthia. Despite the tumultuous history between them, Yoko Ono also posted a sweet message about her husband's ex-wife.

I’m very saddened by Cynthia’s death.She was a great person and a wonderful mother to Julian.She had such a strong zest for life and I felt proud how we two women stood firm in the Beatles family.Please join me in sending love and support to Julian at this very sad time.Love,Yoko

There's always been an uncomfortable air between the two ladies since they first met in the late '60s. Even after John Lennon's death in 1980, things were tense between the two of them. "Yoko made it clear that I was not welcome [at the funeral]," Cynthia wrote in her book John . She went on to say that Yoko told her, "It's not as though you're an old school friend of mine, Cynthia."

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Over the years, the two women have generally stayed out of each other's lives. They've only been seen in public a couple of times together — once in 1989 to celebrate one of Julian's concerts, and, most recently at the opening of Julian Lennon's photography show in 2010.

It would have been easy for Yoko to ignore the news of Cynthia's death. Although they weren't actively fighting in the years before and since John Lennon's death, it's always been tense between the two. Now that Cynthia has passed away, I'm glad Yoko took the time to send love to her and to Julian. It was a kind thing to do, to show such support for Cynthia's family in such a difficult time.

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