Sara Harvey May Have Dual Roles On 'PLL'

We're almost at the end of Pretty Little Liars Season 6, and it's anybody's guess as to who our Big Bad could be. Actually, it's anybody's guess who our two Big Bads could be because this time, it seems there are two people hunting down the Liars. They are already being stalked by Charlotte's killer — especially poor Emily, who was nearly killed running away from the former A's murderer — but it's Uber A who is really giving the four girls something to worry about. The emoji-loving Uber A is seeking vengeance for Charlotte's untimely death, and the girls are the biggest suspects on their radar. Though we have no idea who this Uber A really is, some new information about the series is making room for a really crazy theory. Could Uber A be Sara Harvey's twin?

Before I get into this theory, let me explain why it's possible in the first place. After years of Pretty Little Liars dropping clues about doppelgangers and doubles, showrunner I. Marlene King finally revealed the truth: there is a twin on the series, and the truth is going to be revealed really soon. With such a major bombshell, it's hard not to consider that this twin might actually be the villain who has been stalking the Liars.

While we don't yet know who has the twin, King did say that they will be identical, which means that we're going to be seeing double in the near future. One of the biggest clues that Sara is the one with a double is the way her personality seems to frequently change. And for more on the twins, Charlotte's killer, and everything else PLL, check out Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave.

When we first saw Sara in the dollhouse, she looked like a prisoner — not Charlotte's accomplice. In fact, we got a glimpse of Sara making marks on the wall, seemingly counting the days she spent in the underground bunker. Sara behaved like a former captive well after she was freed, which is why it was so shocking when it was revealed that she was working for Charlotte the entire time. Sara later revealed to Alison that she actually became like a "sister" to Charlotte, which doesn't quite match up with the claims of Stockholm Syndrome she made to the cops. Sara could be an excellent (and very committed) liar, or there could be more to the story.

One way to explain away Sara's conflicting stories is that she has an actual double walking around. It could have been Sara's twin who was actually locked up in the dollhouse, while the real Sara teamed up with Charlotte to take down the Liars. Perhaps the twins didn't get along — like the ones described in Ali's Season 2 Halloween story that got the twin theory train rolling — and Sara offered to help Charlotte in exchange for keeping her twin locked up.

If this is the case, the Sara who we've seen around town in Season 6 may actually be the twin who was locked up in the dollhouse for all of those years — while the Redcoat twin is working behind the scenes as Uber A. If one twin hated Charlotte and the other loved her, between the two, one could be Uber A and the other the killer. It's a complex theory, but until we see who really has this double on Pretty Little Liars, I'm leaving all options open.

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