This Toddler Loves 'Parks & Rec' More Than You

It's always nice to see a kid exhibiting good taste and judgment from an early age. Like this child, who is already obsessed with Parks & Recreation , at the tender age of toddler (Listen, I don't know his actual age, so this works well enough)...well, the theme song anyway. In a video posted by the kid's father, Larry Gallagher, we see the kid positively lighting up when the Parks & Rec theme song comes on, and beginning to dance no matter where he is — standing up, sitting in his high chair, or playing with toys. Can't really blame the kid, though, that theme song is totally catchy.

"My son stops what he's doing and starts dancing," Gallagher wrote in the caption of the YouTube video showcasing his son's adorable obsession with the theme song. In a comment after, Gallagher added: "It's crazy we noticed it a few times when watching the show and now he just loses all focus whenever it comes on."

Maybe this kid and the one baby who couldn't help but dance to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" should team up and start a dance troupe together. Just saying.

You can check out the adorable video below.

Image: itslvg3/YouTube