11 Awkward & Borderline Terrifying Images Of Oscars Statues Being Prepped For The 2016 Ceremony

While the Academy Awards may be a glamorous high point of awards season, the process of preparing for an Oscars ceremony is anything but. As attendees prepare to walk the red carpet Sunday night at the Dolby Theatre, which has played host to the awards (and its many statues) since 2002, a team of scenic artists and handlers remain hard at work behind the scenes to ensure the event's decor is as memorable as the ceremony itself. And oh, do they succeed — the giant Oscar statues on the red carpet are always ridiculous-looking in the best ways, awkward and large and occasionally, even scary.

While the actual Oscar statuettes themselves stand at just over a foot tall (and will be made using 3D printing technology for the first time in the event's 88-year history), the Oscar prop statues that have historically lined the periphery of the event's red carpet are, in my own completely unscientific estimation, approximately 10 times larger. Working with giant statues for a living might not sound like the scariest job in the world, but wait until you see what it takes to get them ready for showtime. (Hint: It involves a lot of gold spray paint and schlepping.) The resulting photos are at once delightfully uncomfortable and yes, sort of scary. Here are 11 behind-the-scenes images of Oscar statues from this year's Academy Awards. Be warned: they could give you nightmares.

1. This Statue Forgot Its Undies

David McNew/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Or maybe it's just channeling Beyonce's Givenchy?

2. This Handler Is Wishing He Chose Another Profession

David McNew/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sorry, dude.

3. But This Guy Is Sort Of Feeling It

David McNew/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Get it.

4. This Whole Scenario, Meanwhile, Looks Very Suspicious

David McNew/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Also, how is he carrying that over his shoulder? That thing must be heavy.

5. Dr. Who Statues Have Nothing On These Guys


Seriously, make it stop.

6. These Statues Are Plotting World Domination And Might Come To Life At Any Moment


7. This Statue Is The One Who Knocks


Is that you, Jesse Pinkman?

7. This Statue Wants To Bring You To A Campfire Tell You Ghost Stories

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Horror movie trope-turned-real life worst nightmare.

8. This Nice Man Took Great Pains To Make Sure He Wasn't Touching This Oscar Statue's Butt


Which I think we can all appreciate.

9. These Oscar Statues Are Spray Tanned Like The Stars


10. This Statue Is Taking Itself Way Too Seriously


Relax, dude, it's not your night.

11. This Oscar Statue Is Having None Of Your BS


This night is for the professionals, OK?

Be sure to catch the statues (and their real-life counterparts) at the actual Oscars — but be warned, they might be even scarier on live TV.

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