The 11 Weirdest Roles A-list Celebs Have Ever Had

Everybody has that one thing they've done that whenever it pops into ther brain, they wish they could Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the memory away. If you keep yourself up at nights because you spend your time lying awake in bed thinking over and over again, "how could I have done that differently?" or "Why did I ever do that?" don't worry — you are not alone. Many of us do just that, including celebs; judging by some of the movies your favorite A-List actors have been seen in, they too probably spend their nights staring at the ceiling, thinking, "Did I really need to be in that movie?" But everyone's got to start somewhere, and it only makes sense that some of your favorite celebrities have had some of the weirdest roles.

Maybe they regret their choices, or maybe they don't — after all, a job is a job, and clearly, these stars' careers have done just fine. But the following roles are beyond strange, and it'll make you believe that truly, everybody makes mistakes. Stars really are just like us.

1. Jennifer Lawrence In Garden Party

In this totally weird 2008 movie, then-newcomer J.Law plays Lost Boy to Vanessa Shaw's pot-dealing, real-estate selling Peter Pan. Shaw's character, Lucy St. Clair, takes a bunch of lost and often homeless talented children under her wing in Los Angeles, convincing these teens to take part in illicit activities. Lawrence played a small role in this, but it is her debut — what a way to make an entrance.

2. Denzel Washington In Carbon Copy

In Washington's feature film debut, he plays a young teen named Roger Porter who, upon his mother's death, goes and finds the father he didn't know existed, a white man named Walter Whitney (George Segal). This movie tries to be groundbreaking as a commentary on race, as Whitney lives in an all-white community that refuses to accept his son, but it's not quite successful. All I can pull from it is that Washington was really cute when he was young.

3. Halle Berry In The Last Boy Scout

This movie's got drugs, explosions, and blackmail, all topped off by Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans. The plot is a a little too whacky, going in many different directions. The best part is Berry playing a sassy stripper and love interest to the football playing Jimmy (Damon Wayans), but even that wasn't enough to save this odd attempt at a sports action flick.

4. George Clooney In Return Of The Killer Tomatoes


I think the title of this sequel to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes pretty much sums it up. But in case you need more proof that this movie is weird besides the fact that it's about killer tomatoes, the villain's name is Gangrene, and he has created a tomato transformation chamber by which he can turn ordinary tomatoes into replicas of men and women. The only not crazy thing about this movie is that Clooney plays a hunky ladies man named Matt, which isn't surprising.

5. Lucy Liu In Flypaper

This 1997 crime film is neo-noir, taking place during one day in sunny California. There's lots of deviousness and depravity going on, and it's all a little hard to be follow. This movie barely saw the light of day, and perhaps for good reason.

6. Robert DeNiro In Bloody Mama

If you were wondering if this is a picture of an adult Robert DeNiro getting bathed by a mother figure, then yes, you are correct. In the mildly incestuous Bloody Mama, Ma Barker (Shelley Winters) plays a Depression-era crime boss whose gang is her three children. It gets creepy.

7. Angelina Jolie In Hackers


In this 1995 movie, Jolie plays a teenage hacker who, with the help of her hacking nemesis, Dade Murphy (Johnny Lee Miller) and some other dorky kids, help save the world from an evil virus. This one is weird because it takes place way before computers were so commonplace, so it's pretty odd to hear them discussed.

8. Antonio Banderas In The White River Kid

Banderas plays one part of a con artist duo in this 1999 crime movie. They sell socks and pretend to be priests, duping people all over the South. There's a lot that goes on this movie — perhaps too much. It's too weird and hard to follow.

9. Angela Bassett In Vampire In Brooklyn


In this Wes Craven horror film, Angela Bassett plays the half-vampire love interest to Eddie Murphy's vamp-self. Murphy's character, Maximillian, is one of the last in a line of Jamaican vampires, so he must journey to America to find a partner. He searches for Rita (Bassett) whom he knows was conceived from a vampire father and human mother. Is it just me or is this movie the horror version of Coming To America?

10. Samuel L. Jackson In Farce Of The Penguins

dxanex on YouTube

Though we never see Jackson in this mockumentary about penguins' mating rituals (and their oddly hedonistic tendencies), he lends his voice as the narrator. I have to admit, I think this movie is hilarious, but it's most definitely very odd.

11. Marion Cotillard In Nine


This movie is a lot to take in, and this Oscar-award winning actor can't be blamed for trying. But let's be real, a musical based on the already completely insane movie by Federico Fellini, 8 1/2, is just going to be weird no matter what you do.

Isn't it nice to realize you're not the only one who's made some ridiculous mistakes? Find relief in knowing that you and Angelina Jolie have far more in common than you thought. I know I will.

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