The Newest Nail Trend For 2016 Has A Little Something To Do With Fur — PHOTOS

Who doesn't love a little fur during the winter, am I right? Fur-lined boots keep us warm as we trudge through sludge, a little faux fur coat can add some luxury to our evenings out, and furry nail art gives us a new way to express ourselves with our beauty routines. The latter might sounds strange — all avant garde things originally do! — but if you're the type of person who likes to push the boundaries when it comes to their beauty routine, then this just might be up your alley.

According to Mashable, fashion line Libertine was the one to bring faux fur into your morning makeup routine, introducing the trend during the A/W New York Fashion Week. Mashable reported, "The brand debuted the look at New York Fashion Week — undoubtedly a great time to experiment with new trends in beauty — thanks to Jan Arnold, style director and co-founder of CND nail polish."

And while this might look hella complicated, it's actually really straightforward. All you have to do is get your hands on clumps of fur, stick them onto your still-wet nail polish, and let it all dry. Cosmopolitan explained, "To get the look, the CND team painted each nail with Vinylux Weekly Polish in the shades 'Rubble' and 'Cream Puff.' Then, they adhered the brown or white faux fur to each nail with Super Shiney High-Gloss Top Coat."

Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But the next question is: How practical is it? Considering that having a loud color or an intricate design on can be distracting enough for me, I can't imagine how I'd keep from staring at my hands all day if I had fur sprouting from my fingers like a werewolf. Just imagine the lip gloss situation if you accidentally dabbed your fingers across your mouth. But to be fair, we've had a lot of out-there slash super fun nail trends in the last year, and if we could brave caviar nails, we might be able to brave fur tufts. Below are five nail trends that took over 2015.

1. Bubble Nails

Fancy having your nails look like a rising popcorn bag? It sounds weird, but it is a pretty funky and daring addition to your Saturday night outfit.

2. Caviar Nails

A little texture goes a long way. Caviar nails gave your usual mani a little somethin' somethin' special. But good luck actually keeping those little beads on.

3. Negative Nail Art

It might have been a challenge keeping those strips of unpainted nail clean and crisp, but the laboring was well worth it when you had your symmetrical art game on point.

4. Stiletto Nails

Pointy, intimidating, and wonderfully vicious, this trend was for those who were experts at not breaking a nail.

5. Minimalist Nail Art

Not into having wacky things stuck onto your nail beds, or sitting through hours of elaborate designs? Then the minimalist trend was for you, where only clean dashes of vertical and horizontal lines were added to white nails.

Whether you're going to brave the furry nail trend or not, there's one thing you have to admit: It is pretty dang innovative.

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