Where Is The 'Air Bud' Kid Today? The '90s Star Has Come A Long Way

Remember when Josh from Air Bud was a cute, basketball-playing boy whom you had a huge crush on as a kid? It's OK, you can admit it — we all went through that phase. You'll be pleased to know that today, the kid from Air Bud is a grown man and is still super cute, though (thankfully) minus a bowl cut. And while the other star of Air Bud may sadly not be around anymore, his human companion is actually doing pretty well these days, 18 years after the original movie's release.

After continuing to hang with Air Bud in several movies of the franchise, the now 31-year-old Kevin Zegers has continued acting. Notable films that the actor has been in include Transamerica, Gardens of the Night, and Girls Walks Into a Bar. He also had a recurring role as the son of a Belgian ambassador next in line for princehood in Gossip Girl.

But perhaps the most important roles that Zegers has taken on are that of husband, father, and (yes, really) dog owner. After six years of dating his wife, Jaime Feld, the couple were married in 2013, according to People. And as Zegers' Instagram shows, the couple make for an absolutely adorable pair. The duo welcomed twins into the world this summer, as the actor announced via his Twitter.

Zegers apparently loves being a father so much that he took off a year of work to be with his kids, as he also announced on Twitter. How sweet is that?

Just look at these cuties.

The actor also continues to be a dog lover. His Instagram is jam-packed with just as many pictures of his dog babies as his real babies.

As well as some adorable throwbacks that all '90s fans will love.

It's good to see that Zegers has stayed grounded all these years and puts family first, even though '90s kids everywhere will always know him best as the crush-worthy star of one of the most beloved franchises of the era.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures, kevinzegers/Instagram