Chris Evans Put Family First At The Oscars

Sometimes, seeing who celebrities bring to an awards show red carpet can be even more exciting than checking out their outfits, and that was definitely the case at Sunday night's Academy Awards. One star who really stood out was Chris Evans, who brought his sister to the 2016 Oscars red carpet. Though the Captain America star isn't nominated for any awards this year, he is presenting during the show, so he's a key part of the night. The fact that he chose to share the spotlight on the red carpet with his sister is adorable, and not the first time he's showed up to a high profile event with a family member.

In 2013, Evans brought his mother, Lisa, to the Oscars. Then last year, he chose to bring another important woman in his life, his best friend Tara. He continued that trend this year by bringing his sister, Carly, and if that wasn't sweet enough, the two gave a shoutout to other family members watching at home — Carly's kids. During their red carpet interview, Carly quickly said hello to her kids, while Chris seemed surprised that they'd be watching before giving his own greetings. Um, I'm sorry, who wouldn't want to watch their mom and uncle Captain America kill it on a red carpet?

Carly may not be a Hollywood star, but she rocked the red carpet like a pro and proved Chris once again did the right thing by bringing a family member. I can't wait to see who joins him in on the 2017 red carpet.