This Was The Best Use Of The Oscar Ticker

He just won his third consecutive Oscar for Best Cinematographer, but (perhaps more importantly) Emmanuel Lubezki arguably made the best use of the 2016 Oscars thank-you ticker. You've probably noticed that for the first time ever, a ticker appears on the screen while the winner gives his or her speech. This is because all nominees had the option of submitting a list of people they'd like to thank prior to the ceremony, which certainly gets rid of some of those awkward moments when people forget to thank their spouses or one particular colleague. But, Best Cinematography winner Lubezki got creative and threw in some fun thank you's including Mexico (with three exclamation points, of course), The Beatles, and "Happy Birthday Dani!!!" (Lubezki really likes his exclamation points, guys.)

It was definitely the most entertaining, creative use of the ticker at that point in the evening (one other winner agreed to get a dog in their ticker list). But thank goodness for this brief, adorable moment. Because lord knows that with the ceremony running long and basically everyone and their mother waiting for Leonardo DiCaprio to just win his Oscar already, we needed a few unexpected moments. Lubezki provided just that, so, while I congratulate him for winning three Oscars in a row, I also want to give him props for making the best use of the ticker.

But, let's not forget about my arguably biased runner-up selection: