'Mad Max's' Costume Designer Was Epic Tonight

by Amanda Richards

Mad Max: Fury Road just nabbed the 2016 Oscar for Best Costume Design, and the woman behind it all simultaneously blew my mind with her amazing awards show style game. Her name is Jenny Beavan, and she's a prolific Hollywood costume designer, with credits which also include The King's Speech, The Black Dahlia, and Alexander. And while it's easy to be in awe of her amazing talent in her craft, I'm more impressed by her casual approach to Oscars style. There's not a gown or a heel in sight; this woman looks like she just stopped in to say hello. I love every single bit of it.

Sporting an amazing leather jacket, a frizzy mop of hair, and a casual scarf, it almost seems like the Oscars were an afterthought for Beavan, which makes her even more epic. The leather jacket had another surprise in store: When Beavan ascended the stairs to the stage, the audience could see that the back was bedazzled with a rhinestone skull. Yes, you read that correctly: a rhinestone skull.

The design is actually a Mad Max-inspired logo, and it looks perfectly badass on the back of a leather jacket. In my opinion, Beavan just won an actual Oscar, the entire Oscars evening, and the Bedazzling Queen Award that I just made up in my head. Here she is, looking like she's too busy to even be here right now:



Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As soon as Beavan came to the stage to accept the award for Best Costume Design, Twitter started reacting. As you may imagine, it was pretty great.

Thanks for being you, Jenny Beavan.