Maggie Takes A Leadership Role On 'The Walking Dead,' Which May Hint At Her Hilltop Future

Again, The Walking Dead ended on such a positive note. As much as I loved Maggie and Glenn passing around their sonogram and enjoying a bit of normalcy, I'm getting nervous. Still, let's talk about how Maggie became a leader on The Walking Dead at Hilltop Colony and began to fulfill her comic book destiny.

At Rick's request (though to Maggie's credit she was already being mentored by Deanna Monroe at the Alexandria Safe-Zone), Maggie was sent in to negotiate a trading deal with Gregory, the leader at Hilltop. He was not open to an agreement, incredibly sexist, and flat-out rude. But that didn't deter Maggie Greene. She pushed on, and eventually negotiated a deal.

In the Walking Dead comics, Maggie actually ends up taking over for Gregory at Hilltop Colony. She and Jesus lead the community there. She is also instrumental in rallying the troops against the Saviors. Could this be the start of that, or is it a red herring? I know that Lauren Cohan's haircut has fans nervous that Maggie will die next on The Walking Dead but that isn't set in stone just yet. This is excellent character growth and a cool new direction for Maggie, so I'm hoping that this continues. She's always been bossy, and I mean that in the good way, so it's a natural fit. She's also a different kind of leader compared to Rick, Michonne, Deanna, and others that we've met along the way. The new world may need Rick Grimes — but it also needs a variety of leadership methods, and Maggie has proven herself more than competent.

Image: Gene Page/AMC