'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Will Bring "The Worst Emotional Experiences," According To Star Lauren Cohan

During the Season 6 hiatus of The Walking Dead, fans have been blessed with Lauren Cohan starring in the new horror film, The Boy. The actor has to care for a creepy doll in the movie, which is currently in theaters, but that's nothing compared to what she will face as Maggie when The Walking Dead Season 6 returns. Though Cohan keeps her answers vague, her interview with Bustle may act as a warning for all Maggie and Glenn fans.

Cohan promises that when the second half of Season 6 begins on Feb. 14, big things are ahead — thanks to the writers increasing the intensity of The Walking Dead every season. "It's just the ante is huge and we're so lucky," she says. "Our writers ... they have the giant rock on their shoulders and they carry it higher and higher up the mountain."

One of those high-intensity plotlines is whether Maggie will reunite with Glenn. Although she knows that Glenn is alive due to some strategic green balloons, they haven't seen each other since he survived a horde of walkers by hiding under a dumpster. Anyone who watches The Walking Dead wants the beloved pair to be together, but just because Glenn is alive doesn't mean that you should expect a happy ending for him and his wife. "You'll see what happens," Cohan says when I ask if we'll see the couple reunited in Season 6. "It's the craziest — the second half of Season 6 is the best that we have ever made and the worst emotional experiences." In case that quote doesn't scare you enough about the fate of Maggie and Glenn, she follows it with, "You know, we have some baddies that arrive on the show this season … oh gosh, bad news, bad news."

With comments like that, it's not hard to wonder if Cohan is referring to the interaction between Glenn and a certain villain from The Walking Dead comic books. Comics spoiler alert: If you have avoided spoilers about the "baddie" that's being introduced to Season 6, you may not want to read on any further. Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as Negan, the main antagonist of the comic book series who wields a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire. Shortly after he is introduced in the comics, he takes his bat (named Lucille) and mercilessly beats Glenn to death with it in front of a pregnant Maggie. Morgan's first appearance on The Walking Dead is supposed to be during the Season 6 finale and considering Cohan's warning of the "worst emotional experiences," I'm worried that Glenn won't make it out of Season 6 alive.

Besides discussing the emotional destruction that The Walking Dead holds for its viewers, Cohan also talks about the challenges of filming the series. "It does give you nightmares and I definitely had nightmares from that show in the beginning and still occasionally," she says. "It makes you think of escape plans, it makes you sort of assess the exits in every building that you go into — you know, in a really normal way," she adds with a laugh.

Whatever happens (or hopefully, doesn't happen) to Glenn and Maggie this season, I expect The Walking Dead will give fans nightmares of their own when Season 6 finally returns.

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