7 Oscar Scrolls & Reactions That Show The Thank-You Ticker Is Cause For Chaos

One of the most interesting additions to the 2016 Oscars was the introduction of the thank you scroll, a list of the people an Academy Award-winner wants to thank during his or her acceptance speech that runs across the screen. Although it didn't work quite as planned — most winners, understandably, still chose to thank their family and friends out loud when they picked up their trophies — it did lead to some hilarious Oscar scroll moments and reactions. Thanks to several winners making funny shout-outs to their loved ones in their scrolls, as well as audience members and viewers alike reacting to the names shown on-screen, the use of the thank-you scroll ended up making for some of the most memorable moments of the show.

Which doesn't mean it was necessarily a good idea to have it. As said, some winners totally ignored it, and it ran so fast across the screen that many viewers didn't get a real chance to see what names were mentioned by each person. It'll be interesting to see if in years going forward, the Oscars continue to include the scroll or go back to the way things were. But in the meantime, here are some of the best moments and reactions inspired by the ceremony's newest addition.

An Adorable Surprise

Some lucky kid is getting a puppy, all because of his dad's Oscar win for Inside Out.

This Legit Question

A serious difference.

Voicing Everyone's Thoughts

I mean, it's true.

A Company's Awkward Name

LOL, poor Brad Pitt.

Thanking The Important People

Or, well, person.

A Reference To Leo's Past

If only.

This Real Shout-Out


Thanks, Oscar scroll, for providing so many great moments at the 2016 show.