Kanye West Tweets Support For Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Win & The Academy Should Be Relieved

On Sunday night, it finally happened. After five losses and years of being the butt of so many awards season jokes, Leonardo DiCaprio won the Best Actor Oscar for The Revenant. Social media erupted after the big win, with tweets, memes, and general celebration taking over Twitter. Celebrities were no exception to this, as Kanye West tweeted about Leo's Oscar win with the enthusiasm he's been showing for, well, anything that's crossed his mind in the past few weeks.

Never one to hide his passion, West's tweet showed extreme excitement. I'm talking nine exclamation points-level excitement. One thing that is confusing about the tweet, however, is West's use of "we" and "our" when describing his happiness for Leo. Who exactly is he talking about? DiCaprio's fans? Himself and Kim Kardashian? Everyone on Twitter? Those who sat through all of The Revenant? Regardless, some group that Kanye is a part of is very happy for Leo, and frankly, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should be relieved.

Recently, any time West has been unhappy with something, his Twitter feed has gone out of control, filling up with long strings of exclamation point-fueled tweets going after everything from the Grammys to Wiz Khalifa to Bob Ezrin. If Leo had lost at the Oscars, the Academy may have been facing a barrage of tweets. Instead, we all just got this one:

West didn't tweet about anything else from the Academy Awards, so it seems he really was just rooting for DiCaprio, his "guy." Congratulations to Leo, and to the Academy, for narrowly avoiding being on the wrong end of a Kanye Twitter rant.