Everyone's favorite Hunger Games heartthrob, (OK, so like 50% of people) Josh Hutcherson, appeared at LAX airport Saturday in Los Angeles, toting some seriously gigantic luggage. As an actor who is starring in one of the most popular book-to-screen adaptations of all time, you'd think he'd have a better handle on how to travel efficiency, with all the jet setting he's done for the role. From the photos fans have posted on twitter, it appears he stuffed several bowling balls in a backpack, then took another piece of luggage, added a few more bowling balls, and slung it over the first ball-filled-bag and called it a day. To be honest, it looks like it was crushing the actor. May we suggest a rolling luggage case for next time? In the meantime, because everyone loves solving a good mystery, we decided we'd take a whack at guessing what might possibly be stuffed inside that giant, rotund piece of luggage.

1. 20 Loafs of Burnt Bread

Surely Peeta has learned his lesson: You never waste bread, even if it's a bit on the toasted side. He saved Katniss with a browned loaf once, so who knows what other poor souls around the globe he could nourish with two dozen loafs of burnt toast.

2. A throwing weight

You never know when you're gonna need to impress some Careers.

3. A Sack of Flour

You know, if he ever needs to kill somebody.

4. Tissues

For crying reasons, obviously. Peeta's a sensitive guy, and so are some of the other characters Hutcherson takes on. Stuffing an entire duffle bag full of Kleenex makes about 13% sense, so let's not rule out that option quite yet.

5. 1000 Mockingjay pins

To win over Katniss' heart, Peeta has decided he must take a more central part in the revolution, and decides to be Katniss' campaign manager. After filming, Hutcherson was tasked with the role of lugging all the pins back to the studio.

6. Jennifer Lawrence

We've seen their on screen chemistry, and we've seen how they act like best friends off camera, so we wouldn't put it past Hutcherson to do Lawrence a solid and shield her from the constant paparazzi flashes by keeping her safe in his bag. Clearly, he did some major training to bulk up for his role in the Hunger Games franchise, so lugging petite Lawrence on his back is probably a piece o' (perfectly iced with meticulous detail) cake.

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