Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Prank Jimmy Kimmel

As far as late night hosts go, Jimmy Kimmel can do no wrong, mostly because his usual segments are flawless. Who doesn't love watching celebrities read mean tweets about themselves?! But there's another longstanding tradition of the show that I love even more: The fact that he has a never ending war with Matt Damon. Kimmel has always made Damon the butt of his jokes, but it's time for the Bourne Identity star to get even. Ben Affleck snuck Damon on stage at Jimmy Kimmel's 2016 Oscars special, and the results were amazing.

OK, so for this video to make sense, you need to know the backstory. The feud between Damon and Kimmel began in 2003, when the host cracked his running joke for the first time that they'd run out of time for Matt Damon to appear on the show. Damon wasn't ever supposed to be on the show — Kimmel just wanted to make his producer laugh after a hard day at work. But the response to the joke was so good that it's continued since then (including an incident with a fax machine and butt cheeks) and Sunday night's special has only added even more fuel to the fire.

On the special, Affleck was slated to be one of Kimmel's guests, but when he took the stage, he appeared to be wearing an inflatable suit. But actually, his suit was so big because Damon was hiding inside of it, and when Kimmel unbuttoned Affleck's jacket, Matt Damon popped out. It was such a beautiful moment, and probably the closest any of us will ever get to seeing Affleck give birth. And the most amazing part of it all? The fact that both Affleck and Damon's suits remained perfect and unwrinkled through this whole stunt.

From there, Damon made a huge deal about finally sitting in one of Kimmel's guest chairs on stage, while Kimmel insisted that he is not a guest. He let him stay, but he wasn't too happy about it and even threatened to have him arrested for breaking and entering. I'm glad this happened because it was a pretty funny prank, but also because it means however Kimmel decides to get back at Damon is going to be epic. I can't wait!