How Old Sookie & Jackson's Kids Will Be In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Could Open Up A Lot Of Plot Lines

During Gilmore Girls, the St. James-Belleville babies weren't old enough to provide much direction to the storyline besides making Sookie very pregnant, making Sookie and Jackson very sleepy, and that one episode where Lorelei and Rory were fighting but were godmothers and thus had to play nice at the christening. But now Davey, Martha, and unnamed baby #3 will all be slightly more grown-up and actually able to contribute to a storyline. But how old are Sookie and Jackson's kids in the Gilmore Girls revival?

Baby #1, Davey Edward Belleville, came to be in 2003, and we were all so excited when he was born because he was the first Gilmore Girls baby. He would be 12 years old now. Baby #2, the child of many middle names because Sookie and Jackson couldn't agree, Martha Janice Lori Ethan Rupert Glenda Carson Daisy Danny Belleville, was born in 2005, so she would be 10 years old. Baby #3, also known as the baby Sookie was pregnant with at the end of the finale season because Jackson lied to her about getting a vasectomy (not cool, Jackson), was hopefully born in 2007 — though it would have happened after the show was over, so anything could have happened. This unnamed baby would be 8 years old.


With news that Sookie won't be returning to Gilmore Girls but Jackson will, where does that leave Davey, Martha, and Belleville Baby #3? I have high hopes that the couple is not divorced, but, at the same time, lying about getting a vasectomy is kinda a big deal, and, if Jackson can lie about that, what else can he lie about? Maybe the three kids are children of divorce, so we'll be watching them deal with some of the issues that come from that. Or maybe, Sookie and Jackson are just in the U.K. for a bit doing some magnificent chef and farmer stuff, and the kids are staying at their Aunt Lorelei's house (featuring Uncle Luke please, oh please, oh please).

This theory seems possible due to a new set photo released of Sookie's house, which was rocking a Union Jack flag. If the kids appear, I see Davey being a loveable prankster who runs around town disrupting town meetings and dance classes left and right; he is Rory's godchild and watching her deal with crazy antics of a pre-teen boy is a very funny concept to me. Meanwhilile, as the middle child, Martha could be acting out left and right also, but maybe also be trying to keep the peace and being an all around good kid. I see her helping her godmother Lorelei at the Dragonfly Inn whenever she can. Belleville Baby #3 is any man's game, but I'm sending positive vibes that he or she is just as loved as the other Belleville kids, even though this child was kind of an accident.

Who knows what's going to happen with the St. James-Belleville clan? There's only one way to find out, and that is to wait patiently until that bright shining day when Netflix drops the four new revival episodes. I'll be sitting here obsessively reading fan theories about Sookie's whereabouts in the meantime.

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