'30 Rock' Leap Day GIFs So You Can Pay Homage To Leap Day Williams In Style

Humanity patiently waits for this day to come every four years, and here it finally is: the day when you can assault all your followers' eyes with 30 Rock Leap Day GIFs and let it be known that you are a hip, savvy, Liz Lemon-appreciating human being. I mean sure, it's probably your second cousin's friend's birthday today because the poor dude couldn't keep it together to stay in utero long enough to be born on a real day, but you can celebrate that later. Right now the most important thing is celebrating Leap Day, and singing loud for all to hear: Leap Day William, Leap Day William / Bursting from the sea / Will he bring his bucket of sweets / For mom and pop and me?

Obviously you're already wearing blue and yellow in honor of this momentous day, lest we all "Poke your eyes, pull your hair, you forgot what clothes to wear!" There is no better way to honor Leap Day Williams, the famed man who lives in the Marianna Trench and trades children's tears for candy. It's because of him, remember, that nothing counts today. So go for broke, y'all. Slide into your favorite celeb's DMs. Buy a castle in France. Mix a dark plaid and a bold flower print at the SAME TIME. And be sure to post all about it on Twitter, accompanied by these swag-tastic Leap Day Williams GIFs for all occasions:

For When You Walk Into Work With Your #LeapDaySwaggggggggg

Warning, fellow humans at Bustle HQ: I will be jumping up on a desk at some point today and I will chuck candy at your head if you try to stop me.

For When You Have To Justify "@" Tagging A Celeb On Twitter Saying "Have My Children" 17 Times In A Row

But maybe just think about it, Oscar Isaac.

For When Leap Day Is Getting A Little Too Real

The Venn diagram of things you do in your YOLO and things your friends are doing in their YOLO is actually a circle, and that circle is a very long line at your local donut shop. Let the Hunger Games begin.

For When Your Leap Day Game Is Stronger Than Everyone Else's


For That One Friend Who's Not Into The Leap Day Scene

Aka, the Grinch Who Stole Leap Day.

For Those Unexpected Moments When You Realize That You, Yourself, Are The Chosen One, And Will Take Up Leap Day Williams' Mantle

Hold your head up high, friend. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

And that note, a happy Leap Day Williams to all. I'll see all of you again in another four years, but in the meantime, enjoy your sexual walkabouts, your obscene amounts of sugary goods, and whatever shenanigans you get into that, for legal reasons, I probably shouldn't mention here. Hooray!

Images: NBC; Giphy