These Celebs Have The Most Enviable Closets

Ladies and gents, get ready to drool. These crazy celebrity closets are any clothing hoarder's dream come true. From walls filled with designer pumps to racks of haute couture, these celebs are seriously winning the closet game. In addition to being approximately the size of a mall, these walk-ins are also impeccably designed. As you'll see, no expense was spared on these dream closets. But, what did you expect? Designer gowns just can't hang on any old garment rack. They need a room just as chic as they are to be stored in.

When it comes to being a celebrity, there is no doubt that there are special perks, and these show-stopping closets are no exception. It's insane just how much detail goes into these fashion-forward rooms. There's barely that much detail in the layout of my entire apartment. However, with that said, I'd completely jump at the chance to browse through these gorgeous rooms. Checking out Kylie's kicks or Mariah's couture would definitely be bucket-list worthy. Until then, I'll be drooling over these incredible Instagrams and videos featuring some of Hollywood's best closets.

1. Kylie Jenner

Of course, #KingKylie has a shoe closet. It's only natural.

2. North West

Like any royal princess (check out North's cute Cinderella outfit), she has a closet fit for a queen.

3. Kourtney Kardashian

That shoe wall is giving me life.

4. Khloe Kardashian

Leave it to a Kardashian to have an accessory closet that is bigger than most New York City apartments.

5. Ashley Tisdale

This room is anything but a haute mess.

6. Paris Hilton

BRB, sobbing over how amazing this closet is.

7. Kim Kardashian West

Just your average day as a Kardashian.

8. Mariah Carey

I'm pretty sure it's mandatory for every diva to have a room dedicated to their shoe collection.

9. Christina Aguilera

While this may be "just a few of her favorite things," it's my everything.

10. Lindsay Lohan

Sprawled amongst glamorous coats, shoes, and handbags? Just Lindsay Lohan living her best life yet.

11. LeAnn Rimes

This country crooner's closet is definitely worth it's own power ballad.

12. Jennifer Hawkins

A pageant queen has to have a place for all of her shoes, right?

13. Blake Lively

I wonder what Saint Anna would think of this crazy closet?

See? Celebrities are just like us... but with extra closet space.

Image: @kyliejenner/Instagram