Where Will Taylor Swift Shoot The "New Romantics" Video? The Song Lyrics Might Help

Everybody get your Speculation Caps on and get in here, because it's time to take some guesses as to where Taylor Swift will shoot the video for "New Romantics.". As I'm sure you gathered from my phrasing just then, no official word has been handed down by Swift or her team as far as location, but since the environment for Swift's videos has been so crucial of late — imagine "Blank Space" without that big Long Island mansion? — I don't think I can wait a couple weeks to find out where Swift sets this next one. I'm not a patient person like that. So I turned to the lyrics of "New Romantics" to make my best guess about where she'll set it, and I think I might have the best guess possible at this time.

I'm thinking it will start in a high school and move to a castle. Put it on the books, that's my prediction, and it comes directly from the lyrics themselves:

We're so young, but we're on the road to ruinWe play dumb but we know exactly what we're doingWe cry tears of mascara in the bathroomHoney, life is just a classroom

I can totally see Swift and Selena Gomez — who's in this too in my mind, by the way — standing in front of the bathroom mirrors in a high school as your average teenagers, trying to fit in. And then comes the next chunk of lyrics that's informing me:

Cause baby I could build a castleOut of all the bricks they threw at meAnd every day is like a battleBut every night with us is like a dreamBaby we're the new romantics

I'm not sure how it would transition, but I then see Swift and Gomez running through the halls of a big drafty castle, in dress-up clothes as fairytale characters like knights or princesses or dragons, dreaming up this rich inner life for themselves to help them make it through gross high school. I can see them sword-fighting and with long colorful capes trailing behind them in this empty castle.

Actually no, I just decided I'm not crazy, because, whether or not I'm correct about the setting for this video, "New Romantics" is about Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez's friendship, and my concept for the video and its location is a celebration of just that.

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