'How I Met Your Mother' Star Cristin Milioti's 10 Most Charming Quotes

It seems as though CBS' How I Met Your Mother really nailed the casting of its titular Mother when they happened upon Cristin Milioti. The Tony Award-nominated Broadway actress — as showcased by last week's episode, "How Your Mother Met Me" — is just as bubbly and charming as you'd expect the future Mrs. Mosby to be, as evidenced by her recent interview with Vulture. Surely at this stage in the game you've formulated your own opinions as to what might endear you to Milioti, but lest you're in need of reasons, these 10 charming quotes are sure to convince you.

From time travel to ukuleles to crushing on Jim Carrey over Leo DiCaprio, this actress has given us many a reason to approve of her relationship with Ted and she continues to give us lots to look forward to in what's to come of her bright future.

1. She's Not Afraid to Defend the Ukulele

Where everyone is quick to eye-roll at the tiny instrument's mere mention thanks to the likes of Zooey Deschanel and wannabe Manic Pixie Dream Girls everywhere, Milioti falls on the other side of the fence. "Here’s my defense: Everything sounds awesome on it. That’s like saying the piano is twee. Everything sounds awesome on it and it’s easy to play — it’s like the ultimate party instrument, or just 'alone on the porch' instrument. I get it — I know, a lot of young girls play it [laughs] — but I disagree."

2. She Keeps Her Social Media Presence on the DL

"I'm only on Instagram, and it’s under a ridiculous name and I'm friends with like five people. All of whom I've had dinner with."

3. She Cares About Her Umbrella Just as Much as The Mother

Turns out a perceived criticism — who cares that much about an umbrella? — falls flat with Milioti because she, unlike so many, actually cares about her things sometimes. "I've never been able to keep track of an umbrella, but then my dad gave me this fancy umbrella. It was in his car and I had again lost some awful Duane Reade disaster umbrella. It was my first adult umbrella that wasn't from a drugstore and I have left it all over New York and every time I went back to get it."

4. Seriously, She's Real Protective of Her Umbrella

"I would lend it to someone and the next day I would call them and be like, 'So where can I meet you to pick up my umbrella?' I still have it."

5. She Somehow Lived Through the 90s Without a Crush on Leo DiCaprio

And yeah: her wacky weirdo alternative will make you love her just as much: "You know, I never had a crush on him, ever. I know that that’s such an anomaly. I’m trying to think of who I had a crush on at that age and I want to say it was Jim Carrey as the Riddler in Batman Forever."

6. She Would've Been Game for Any Scene in Wolf of Wall Street

"I probably would have been cool with taping some money to my body. I don't really ever play those roles."

7. Her 30 Rock Character was a Hilarious Amalgamation She Came Up With

And she doesn't get sexy baby voice, hallelu. "I actually am wearing Will Forte’s wig in that episode from when he’s Jenna’s fiancé. That voice came from watching Paris Hilton on Letterman. She talks in that voice. It's like her and Kim Kardashian, where you're like, 'Wait, no, seriously, what is your voice?'"

8. Her Trains of Thought are Hilarious

Time-traveling Susan B. Anthony is a meme waiting to happen, for real. "All I could picture is Susan B. Anthony traveling forward in time and hearing these women speak like they’re 2-year-olds and being like, 'Oh no, all of my marching was for nothing.' It’s a shame."

9. Her Priorities are On-Point

"Although, first thing’s first, if Susan B. Anthony did show up, I'd be like, 'Wait, how did you figure out time-travel?'"

10. She's Endearingly Concerned with Being Self-Aware

"Yeah, she’s like, 'I'm going to destroy the recipe for time travel.' Was that sexist of me to say that time travel was a recipe?"