Check Out JoJo's Brother On Another Dating Show

by Marenah Dobin

I don't know about you, but I felt extremely uncomfortable when I watched Ben Higgins on his hometown date with JoJo Fletcher. JoJo's brothers really put Ben Higgins through the wringer and questioned the sincerity of his intentions with their sister, which isn't totally off base since he is looking for love on reality television. But it turns out this was a case of the pot calling the kettle black. JoJo's brother Ben Patton was on Ready for Love where he looked for romance on TV himself. So was he projecting? Was he jealous that his sister was so close to the end? What was the deal there? And how did his dating show experience go? Fortunately, there are videos of JoJo's brother on Ready for Love that give a taste of what he went through.

Whether you think these videos justify his overprotective actions on this season of The Bachelor or have nothing to do with it is for you to decide. And I don't know about you, but I had never even heard of this show, so I had no prior insight before seeing Ben Patton on The Bachelor. The show was only around for one season and NBC did not even air all the episodes, but as you might expect, some videos have made their way onto the Internet.

Ben Sharing His Quest For Love

Ben (Patton, that is) really wanted to find a woman to spend his life with and explained why he was way too busy to have a relationship in the past, which was why he turned to reality TV. He seemed so invested in the process — even more so than JoJo in my opinion — so I am pretty thrown off that he did not take her seriously or support her much on The Bachelor.

Ben Explaining Why Reality TV Relationships Fail

In an interview about his time on the show, Ben said that his reality TV relationships failed because it is tough to transition from the show to real life and compared the experience to meeting someone on spring break in college or some other kind of vacation. So maybe he was just scared that JoJo and Ben would not be able to make that transition from a reality couple to a real relationship.

Ben Celebrating With The Winning Woman

Wow. This is such a switch up from his cold appearance on The Bachelor. He was full of emotion and absolutely elated to be with his girlfriend on the Ready for Love finale. Even though no one watched this show and the relationship did not work out, Ben seemed genuinely happy in this moment. I can see why he would be cautious for his sister, but it seems a little hypocritical to try and stop her from having the same dating experience.

Ben Dancing With A Suitor

Ben really seemed into this date. He of all people should know that it is possible to find someone you'd like to date on TV! Even if the love does not ultimately work out, that does not necessarily mean that the people involved were not sincere just because they were being filmed.

When I first saw JoJo's brothers hating on Ben Higgins I was pretty surprised — he is the nicest guy in the world. Then again, I can see why any brothers would be protective over their sister dating someone new. I even understood that they questioned the validity of dating on TV, but it just doesn't add up since Ben Patton was on Ready for Love. Maybe he is bitter? Maybe he doesn't want JoJo to end up with heart break? Maybe there's something else coming to play? Nevertheless, his harsh treatment of Ben made him stand out this season and it should be no surprise that people want to dig up old videos of his reality dating past!

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