13 "New Romantics" Lyrics For 13 Life Situations

It's official. Taylor Swift's next single off of her Grammy Award-winning album, 1989, is going to be her friendship and single ladies anthem: "New Romantics." The song is all about partying it up after dealing with heartbreak, and, basically, it's the perfect song for any girl to relate to at one point or another. And what else would you expect from the leader of a killer girl squad? The single announcement was made on February 19th and a "New Romantics" music video could be here on March 7. But, why should you start rocking out to the 1989 sure-fire hit now? Well, because the "New Romantics" lyrics can help you get through a number of different life situations.

That's right. This song is your pump up anthem when you're having a bad day, your party song when you're ready to let loose, and your overall dose of knowing you're not alone. If anyone gets job, relationship, and friend drama at this point, it's Taylor Swift. So, here are the specific lyrics to the song, and the ways in which you can apply them to your own life when life seems like it's just one big struggle. "New Romantics" is the new romance your everyday symptoms need.

1. When The End Of Your Work Day Just Won't Come Soon Enough

We're all boredWe're all so tired of everything

2. When You're In Need Of A Vent Session

We wait for trains that just aren't comingWe show off our different scarlet lettersTrust me mine is better

3. When You're Partying It Up On A Friday Night

We're so young that we're on the road to ruinWe play dumbBut we know exactly what we're doing

4. When You Get Your Heart Broken

We cry tearsOf mascara in the bathroom

Honey life is just a classroom

5. When You Run Into Your Haters

Cause baby I could build a castleOut of all the bricks they threw at me

6. When It's Finally The End Of The Work Day

And every day it's like battleBut every night with us is like a dream

7. When You're Getting Ready To Go Out With The Girls

Baby we're the new romanticsCome on, come along with meHeart break is the national anthemWe sing it proudly

8. When You Quit Your Job

We are too busy dancingTo get knocked off our feetBaby we're the new romanticsThe best people in life are free

9. When Your Favorite Show Just Dropped On Netflix

We're all hereThe lights and noise are blindingWe hang backIt's all in the timing

10. When You're Getting Ready To Show Up Your Ex

It's poker, you can't see in my faceBut I'm about to play my ace

11. When You're Feuding With Your Friends

We need love, but all we want is dangerWe team up and switch sides like a record changer

12. When You're Shrugging Off The Rumors You Heard About Yourself.

The rumours, are terrible and cruelBut honey most of them are true

13. When You Choose To Have A One-Night Stand

Please take my handAnd please take me dancingAnd please leave me stranded, it's so romantic

Yep, I'm pretty sure "New Romantics" is the song I need blasting in my iPod 24/7 right now.

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