'How I Met Your Mother's Talking Ted's Exes, But Be More Excited About These Guest Stars

Why did no one tell me that BriTANicK was appearing on How I Met Your Mother?! I forgive none of you, this is a grave offense. Why? Because BriTANicK is amazing, and this is sure to be great. You can even see small teases of this upcoming greatness with these new previews for tonight's How I Met Your Mother episode, "Sunrise."

The last episode of How I Met Your Motherthe show's 200th — followed the mother throughout the time she's spent this entire time Ted's been droning on to their children. Now we'll bounce back to Ted, and he and Robin are walking the beach looking for a roaming, wasted Barney.

Barney, meanwhile, is cuddling up to/vomiting near the night's new additions, Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney. While Robin and Ted are having wistful conversation and ranking Ted's exes (it's notable that in the preview we see that Robin doesn't even list herself in the top five, and that we haven't heard Ted's ranking yet), Barney's stumblign around and, presumably, teaching these two new dudes the Barney Stinson methods of picking up the ladies.

So why should you be as excited about Kocher and McElhaney as I am? Well, one, because I said so. Two, because they're hilarious, and brilliant; you might remember them from their "Trailer For Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever." Three, because they were so great that Joss Whedon asked them to be in his adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing because he was such a big fan.

But hey, why not just watch these two previews for tonight's episode, and then, below that, see some of my favorite sketches of theirs.

And now for BriTANicK:

Image: NBC