'Breaking Bad' Easter Eggs In 'Better Call Saul'

In its first season, Better Call Saul did the seemingly impossible — the show stepped out from under the shadow of its parent series Breaking Bad to become its own unique entity that still manages to live in the same world as Breaking Bad, but tells an entirely different story while still being a great television show in its own right. However, while Better Call Saul has taken steps to create its own legacy, those behind the show still have a place in their heart for Breaking Bad, and spent the first season sneaking Breaking Bad easter eggs into Better Call Saul, connecting the series together — and Season 2 is continuing the tradition.

Season 2 of Better Call Saul is only a couple of episodes in, but it hasn't stopped reminding viewers that the world of Albuquerque is small and that the same faces seem to show up time and time again. While Jimmy McGill inevitably gets closer to becoming the slimy, slippery Saul Goodman that audiences are familiar with, more and more parts of Breaking Bad are making their way into the world of Better Call Saul, primarily through the use of similar props and casting the same actors in small roles in each series. Here are some Breaking Bad easter eggs from the first two episodes of the second season of Better Call Saul that you may have missed.

The Return Of Ken Wins

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You likely looked at this picture of actor Kyle Bornheimer and thought to yourself, "Oh! That guy! He was in that thing." Bornheimer has played a variety of small roles in various films and television shows, and one of those happened to be the role of Ken Wins in season one of Breaking Bad — an obnoxious businessman who steals Walt's parking spot and ends up on the wrong side of Heisenberg's wrath. In Better Call Saul, Ken Wins is seen again, this time talking loudly at a bar and becoming victim to a small con performed by Jimmy and Kim. AMC confirmed that the actor was, in fact, playing the same character in their online Story Sync feature. For someone named Ken "Wins," this recurring character seems to lose an awful lot.

Zafiro Añejo: Tequila of Criminals

As if seeing a long-forgotten face wasn't enough of a callback, Ken Wins also brings the return of a very special bottle of a very special tequila. The unique bottle-top of Zafiro Añejo makes a reappearance as Jimmy and Kim convince Ken Wins to pay for a bottle's worth of the "50 dollars a shot" Tequila. During the episode of Talking Saul that followed the premiere, showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould confirmed that the last time Zafiro Añejo was seen was in Breaking Bad when Gus poisoned a bottle to kill members of the Juárez Cartel as an act of revenge for a fallen friend. Thankfully, Jimmy and Kim's bottle was not poisoned.

Officer Saxton Appears Again

After the home of drug dealer and Hummer-enthusiast Daniel is broken into, the "playuh" calls the Albuquerque police to come take a look around. One of these cops is Officer Saxton, played by actor Stoney Westmoreland. Officer Saxton must have stayed in Albuquerque for a while after the events of Better Call Saul, because as Reddit user solaybro noticed, Saxton also appears in season three of Breaking Bad answering Skyler's complaint that her house had been broken into. Officer Saxton seems to be the go-to for break-ins in the ABQ area.

While these callbacks are the most explicit, the season so far has also featured little hints at other parts of the shared world of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. When Jimmy receives a gift of a "World's 2nd Best Lawyer" mug, Tumblr user heisenbergchronicles recognizes that it will be replaced with a "World's Greatest Lawyer" mug at some point. There are also rumblings on Reddit that a fan-favorite character may be showing up sometime soon. As Better Call Saul's timeline gets closer to Breaking Bad, fans should expect these shows to cross over more and more — Walter White has to show up and ruin Saul's life eventually, so everyone knows how this ends, but the journey to that fall is proving to be just as exciting.

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