The Best of 'Game of Thrones' #RoastJoffrey Stunt

Considering the well-publicized ire the Brat King of Westeros has brought upon himself with his mere existence, it's no surprise that people have a thing or two to say about the Game of Thrones villain played by polar-Joffrey-opposite, Jack Gleeson. Earlier this year, HBO made a call to arms for the best, most cutting takedowns of the Lannister masquerading as a Baratheon in preparation for the fourth season. And oh, were those roasty-toasty and joke-filled quips good. So good, in fact, that the network has unleashed a video roundup (complete with Joffrey slaps because who doesn't love that?) of the Internet's best. Turns out? A lot of people have opinions on the Joff and his much-hated ways.

It's no surprise, considering the forthcoming events set to play out the show's upcoming televised turn, that such a roast would take place. Without getting into spoiler territory, the Literal Worst baby Joff has a wedding on the horizon and — as is the case with most weddings — a bit of a ribbing of the groom is par for the course. Even if you're not a fan of the series, jokes like "How do you circumcise a Lannister? Kick his sister in the chin" hardly need the context of the series to be funny.

Besides, we get to see all the times his family has slapped Joff across the face, which is nothing if not everything satisfying about being a fan of Game of Thrones.

Oh, hurry, Sunday April 6th at 9PM. Hurry!

Image: HBO