13 Things Visiting Paris Teaches You About Life

by Dacy Knight

Anyone who's spent time in Paris knows it can change the way you see things forever. It opens your eyes to appreciate the subtle wonders of quotidian life, awakens the palate to tastes that can never be forgotten, and one can even go as far as to say, Paris teaches you about life. In his memoires, Hemingway called Paris "a moveable feast," because "wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you." Whether you've briefly visited, studied abroad, worked, or lived in Paris, you'll have experienced falling under the spell of the City of Light.

I spent the summer before my senior year of college interning for a fashion designer in Paris. I lived in the cramped but quaint servant's quarters of a French family's apartment, ate paninis and prosciutto with melon on my lunch breaks in the Place des Vosges, and danced to Justice in the streets during the Fête de la Musique. After that I was so hooked I came back shortly after graduating, this time to pursue my master's degree, and spent another year and a half surrounded by the joie de vivre, incomparable cuisine, and beautiful architecture I so dearly loved.

With every experience I felt like I was writing my own book, or at least starring as an unseen extra in Midnight In Paris. From early morning visits to the boulangerie for a croissant before class to sitting on the balcony of my studio, sipping five Euro wine and watching the sun set over the Pantheon. From ad-hoc picnics with friends on the banks of the Seine to late night walks through the deserted tourist areas and witnessing the Louvre in its quiet majesty. The memories made in these magic moments are indelible, and the impact they have is lasting — in discovering Paris you learn about life.

1. Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself

But that isn't to say you can't enjoy getting lost along the way.

2. There's beauty even when it rains

Life doesn't always have to have sunshine to be splendid.

3. Happiness doesn't have to be expensive

Sometimes all it takes is a baguette, some cheese, and a bottle of wine.

4. Coffee is best enjoyed sitting down

Oh, the irony.

5. Sometimes all you need is a good book

And a Nutella crêpe.

6. You can always find humor in unexpected places

And every moment can be improved with laughter.

7. There's never anything you can't dig yourself out of

Or that won't melt away with time.

8. Experiences are best shared with friends

True happiness is enjoyed with some company and some Comté.

9. Don't diss it til you try it

You'll never know if you're missing out on something you might love.

10. And try it all

Be adventurous and give everything a chance.

11. Sometimes you have to wait a while for life's rewards, but they're certainly worth it

Keep your eye on the prize.

12. Every person and place has things to discover, if you just pay attention

Stop and smell the roses, and you'll come across the secrets life offers.

13. Life's too short not to have fries on the side

Live each day to its fullest.

Images: Pexels; janvincentgonzales (5), acknight (7), vassargirl/Instagram