What It Would Be Like If Men Breast Fed Instead

by Dasha Fayvinova
man, dad, baby
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What would happen in our society if men breastfed? That is the question BuzzFeed's video tries to answer by showing us an alternative world where men are the ones breastfeeding and dealing with the fallout. After all, women are the ones burdened with having to defend their bodies on a daily basis — especially when it comes to breastfeeding. People are still uncomfortable with the idea of seeing a woman feeding her baby in public, which is why there are heated debates going on about the topic in private social circles and social media. Some argue that breastfeeding is equal to indecent exposure and other make the argument of it being a natural, nonsexual act, that should be encouraged instead of chastised.

The video tries to approach this topic through a different perspective. What if men where the ones breastfeeding? How would society treat the subject and how would we react? In a world where men were breastfeeding their children, breastfeeding would no longer be as taboo of a subject as it is right now. Breastfeeding would just become part of the culture. Men would see how ridiculous it is to ask a woman to cover up. How disrespectful it is to make women breastfeed in bathrooms, away from other people. The least we can do for a woman who grew a human life in her stomach is to allow her the ability to sit at a table in public and not have to worry about other people's hangups. The following are comical, but no less true, imaginings of what that world would look like.

1. Boobs Are Not Just For Sex

Boobs have long been mistaken as only being sexual objects of gratification. Don't get me wrong. Boobs are great! They come is various sizes and shapes and feel awesome when other people touch them — but not all the time. Boobs aren't just sexual objects, no matter how fun they can be. They also feed human beings. So we should be treating them as such. If men were to breastfeed, they would understand the functionalities better. Knowledge is power, people!

2. We'd Get Special Rooms!

We'd have insanely nice, private, rooms where dudes could go and pump those breasts. It would have the game on, some nice cold drinks and a comfy couch to sit on. Nothing like the tiny restaurant bathrooms that women have to put up with any time that they go out in public.

3. The Workplace Would Be Less Hostile

Never mind the lack of paid maternity leave in most companies, or the fact that women are sometimes fired after people learn of their pregnancies — simply addressing women's pregnancies in the workplace would be different if men also breastfed. Men would finally see how trivializing it is when people congratulate women on having a family after a career. The pressures of "having it all" would become much more apparent.

Watch the full, eye-opening video, below!

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