Elena Gant's Family Will Double Pretty Soon

The past few seasons of Little Women: LA have spent a lot of time focusing on one thing: babies. Even the most lax fan should be able to recall the tense moments last season when it seemed like makeup artist and former Britney Spears impersonator Elena Gant was going to announce that she was pregnant during the margarita party, but really was just telling her friends about her plans to renew her vows to husband, Preston. However, this season had no such fakeout, as Elena Gant revealed that she is pregnant to Us Weekly. Of course, now fans just want to know more, including when Elena is due.

When she made the announcement to Us, Elena confirmed that she is pregnant with fraternal twins, who are expected to be born in June. Though she admitted to the magazine that she and Preston were "very shocked" when they first found out there were two babies on the way, she also said that they are "happy because it’s like a double blessing." Still, twins means a lot of change is coming their way in June, and it seems like recently, the Little Women: LA star has been very busy preparing for their arrival, continuing to work hard, and more.

Getting Close With Preston

The pair recently renewed their vows, and although Elena was mum on the subject of having children after wrapping up filming on Season 3, fans had seen her and Preston having several pivotal "baby talks" before, so it's no surprise that they are excited to be parents. She told Us Weekly that Preston is a devoted father-to-be, doting on Elena with foot rubs and massages, calling this a "romantic" time for the couple.

Working Hard (And Looking Flawless While Doing It)

In addition to snapping some super stylin' Instagram photos, Elena has also been uploading videos to her YouTube channel, EG Beauty. If you've ever wanted to know how to do a beyond perfect full face look with drugstore makeup, look no further than her popular videos, like the one above.

Talking To Her Co-Stars

Elena told Us Weekly that she seeks advice from fellow Little Women: LA star Terra Jole, who welcomed daughter Penelope into the world last March. Gant told the magazine, "She helps me a lot with her advice — I keep asking her about the strollers and the different things that she knows better because she has the same height issue as I have, and how to lift all this and fold this, and put it in the trunk."

Promoting Little Women: LA

Gant also seems to be busy promoting the upcoming season premiere of Little Women: LA, looking nothing but fierce in the promo pictures, where she is billed as "The Bombshell." Elena already has a lot of great things going on, and come June, she will have two more exciting additions to her life.

Images: Richard Knapp, Patrick Ecclesine/Lifetime