All Of Kylie's Restocked Lip Kits Sold Out

by Marc Cuenco

At this point, Kylie Jenner's lip kits are guaranteed to sell out faster than Leonardo DiCaprio racing up to the stage to finally accept his Oscar. They're the most wanted lip products in the world right now, and rightfully so. After launching a new lip color and restocking a few old favorites, the Lip Kit by Kylie sold out today in a matter of minutes. Coinciding with the on sale debut of the brand new orange Lip Kit, named 22, Jenner also re-released Dolce K, Candy K, Posie K, and Koko K from the collection.

Five of the (so far) seven-piece collection went on sale at exactly 3 p.m. PST as promised, but with the thousands of Kylie Lip Kit fans who have been trying to get their hands on one of these beauty must-haves, the buying process certainly proved to be challenging. The company even acknowledged that crashed during today's sale by posting the number of active users (143,306) and letting them know that the site was working again. But even then, some shoppers who tried to buy more than one lip kit shade weren't able to get all of them or none at all.

By the time that all five shades released today, it seemed that exactly 22 minutes had passed before the stock was sold out. Could it simply be a coincidence or did Jenner purposely sell her lip kits today for the same amount of minutes as the name of her latest shade? At least that's my theory until Jenner herself confirms the origin of the 22 Kylie Lip Kit name.

In addition, these four faves also sold out after today's restock.

Did you get your hands on one of the Lip Kits today?

If you're sad because you didn't get your hands on one, don't fret — Kylie Jenner and co. have been quicker to restock as of late, so it shouldn't be long until your next chance!