Plot Holes From 'Boy Meets World'

There's a reason why Boy Meets World received a spinoff years after the original show took its bow: fans of the original series simply cannot let go of this magical sitcom. Disney Channel's Girl Meets World introduced a whole new generation to Cory, Topanga, and the rest of the Boy Meets World gang, but the people that were most stoked about the existence of this show were the ones who watched with tears in their eyes as Topanga and Cory tied the knot and Mr. Feeny told his students to "do good," rather than "well." The amount of feels that this series brought out far surpasses any of today's sitcoms (though Girl Meets World is definitely giving the original show a run for its money by tackling important issues) and it's the reason why re-watching this series is a must. Of course, as with many sitcoms, re-watching the series does allow us to notice things Boy Meets World fans would prefer to forget — like all of the plot holes.

Sitcoms are notorious for having plot holes, typically because the shows are more joke-focused than dramas, for which continuity within the story is far more important. Still, even the most loyal Boy Meets World fans may have scratched their heads when they watched these inconsistencies unfold onscreen — here are just a few moments that left viewers very confused.

1. Topanga's Personality Crisis

At the beginning of the series, Topanga is a total hippie kid who is more than a little odd. Not long after, Topanga's character is rewritten as a far more type-A, grade-centric popular girl who becomes the object of affection for Cory. People change, sure, but rarely do their entire personalities get overhauled. Fortunately, Girl Meets World seemingly rectifies this situation by having Topanga look back on her more free-spirited days and take some advice from her younger self when she's faced with a moral crisis.

2. Shawn's Sister Disappears

Early in Boy Meets World, Shawn and Cory try to straighten Cory's hair and call Shawn's sister "Stacy" for advice. Stacy is never seen or even mentioned after that moment. Funnily enough, the very same thing happened on That '70s Show: Donna's little sister is introduced only to never be seen or heard from again.

3. Shawn's Brother Also Vanishes

Early in Boy Meets World, we find out that Shawn has a troublemaking half-brother named Eddie. Eddie eventually joins Stacy in the land of disappearing Hunters.

4. Topanga's Sister Stops Existing

Nebula "Stop The War" Lawrence comes by the Matthews' house to pick up Topanga, and much like Stacy and Eddie, never appears again. Also worth noting: if Cory and Topanga met in pre-school, isn't it reasonable to think that Eric and Nebula would have also met at some point, considering that they, too, seem to be the same age?

5. Topanga And Cory's Meet-Cute Is Confusing

In one episode, the couple says that they met on the playground as toddlers. But it doesn't seem like Cory knows Topanga very well at all in Season 1, when they are classmates in Mr. Feeny's sixth grade class. Later, Cory says that him and Topanga have been basically dating their entire lives, which simply isn't true.

6. Angela Just Shows Up One Day, And All Of Topanga's Friends Disappear

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved Angela. It's just that it wasn't very clear where Topanga's BFF and Shawn's college girlfriend came from. Was she just hanging out with Topanga throughout all of high school, until the moment Shawn needed a love interest? Even if that were the case, what happened to Topanga's other girlfriends, including the one that Shawn took on that adorable picnic? Did they ever breakup? Did she just disappear forever? (I'm sensing a pattern here, Boy Meets World...)

7. Mr. Turner Leaves After His Motorcycle Accident

After getting into a horrific motorcycle accident, Mr. Turner — the man who basically became a father to Shawn — vanished from the Boy Meets World universe, seemingly without reason. In fact, many people assumed that Mr. Turner had passed away and that the show just didn't want to outwardly acknowledge it. The incident was plot hole for years, until Girl Meets World gave us some insight into what actually happened. Mr. Turner moved to New York to become superintendent of the NYC school district (completely implausible, but OK) and even married the nurse who took care of him in the hospital. Still, it doesn't really erase the major plot hole of why the people on Boy Meets World never mentioned a person who continues to be their close friend nearly 20 years later.

8. Cory's Mom Has An Inconsistent Career Life

As pointed out by Thought Catalog, during Season 1, Cory's mom Amy has a career outside of the home, but later, she is seen as a stay-at-home mom. That wouldn't be so weird (plenty of people decide to stay at home in order to care for their family) but later in the series she takes a writing course because, as she tells Eric, all she has ever been is a "wife and mother." What about all of those years in the work force, Amy?!

9. Cory And Eric's Brother Ages At Rapid Speed

Amy and Alan have Joshua when Cory and Eric are in college, which isn't long before the series ends — not even a year goes by from Joshua's birth to the time Cory and Topanga leave for New York. But, oddly, Joshua is seen not as an infant, but as a toddler in the final episodes. What were they feeding this kid?

Of course, no matter how many plot holes Boy Meets World has, there's nothing that will stop us from watching... and re-watching... this sweet little sitcom.

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