This Amazing 'Gilmore Girls' Story Made Our Day

So, despite how awful that headline makes George Lucas sound, this is actually a pretty delightful story. In a new Reddit AMA, Enough Said writer/director Nicole Holofcener revealed a hilarious story about one time George Lucas visited the set of Gilmore Girls when she was directing an episode...and publicly humiliated her without even realizing it. Ouch.

The anecdote came when Holofcener was asked what the most terrifying moment she's ever had on set was. Holofcener responded: "I guess scariest was when I was directing Gilmore Girls and George Lucas was visiting the set and he stood in front of the monitor with the whole crew listening, and asked me why I set a shot up the way that I did," she said. "I wanted to barf."

As Vanity Fair points out, Holofcener has spoken publicly about the story before in an interview with Flicks and the City last year: "His daughter was apparently a fan of the show, so he came as a guest...he was standing at the monitor with his daughter watching a shot that I had set up, and it was actually not a well set-up shot to begin with, which happens occasionally," she said. "As I was setting it up, as we were about to shoot, I was like, ‘You know, that’s not really the best angle for what I’m trying to do.’ Of course the whole crew was listening to everything [Lucas] said and following him around like Jesus. There were about 20 people standing behind me and him when he said, ‘Why would you set it up like that?’ He probably didn’t even mean to be mean. I don’t know, maybe he was just trying to chat. But it was mortifying."

Apparently, it was the first, and subsequently only, time Holofcener ever directed an episode of Gilmore Girls. Womp, womp, womp...

Image: Warner Bros. Television, imgfave